Siskiyou in the Street: Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is coming up on Sunday! Siskiyou reporter Kayle Blackmore takes to the streets to find out what students are doing for their moms!


“Hello Siskiyou News, my name is Kayle. I am currently at the Stevenson Union, asking the SOU community what their plans are for Mother’s Day.

Do you know when Mother’s Day is?”

“I do not.”

“Next Sunday?”

“It’s Sunday…yeah? Yeah, it’s on Sunday. It is, yeah. I thought it was yesterday, but…yeah I did too but yeah.”

0:24 “Um, it’s this weekend! I believe. I’m not sure exactly what day but I know my mom is coming up so…”

“I do know when Mother’s Day is, it’s this Sunday, same as my birthday!”

0:34 “uhhh…I want to say like July eighth. Is it July eighth?”

“It’s actually this coming Sunday.”


“A lot of people that we have been interviewing don’t even know it’s Mothers Day on Sunday. How do you feel about that?”


“Rookie mistake. Us, we got it down. We tag team mothers day.”

“You two together?”

“Not together.”

“What do you plan to do for your mom?”

1:09 “Um, I’ll probably send her some flowers or one of those like, baked baskets of goodies that they can just send on Mothers Day.”

“I’m probably going to just stay in my room.”

“Are you going to like, call your mom?”

“Okay yeah, definitely. Definitely going to call her.”

“Okay. Perfect. Anything else?”

1:27 “Um, yes. We usually spend Mother’s Day at the river, Applegate River. Actually it’s my wife, um, my mother is back in Illinois. We’ll be sending her flowers.”

“Um, I’m definitely going to be Facetiming my mom. And…let’s see this Sunday I’ll be out of town so I’ll just be away so yeah.”

1:44 “I’m going to call her, definitely. Uh, and I might send her some flowers.”

“Super sweet!”

“I probably should send her like a card or some flowers, but I probably won’t. I’ll call her.”

“Yeah, that’s money.”

“Yeah it’s just the effort…I’ll probably call her. I’ll give her a call.”

1:58 “Um, she just wants to come visit me and um, then we’re taking a drive back to California where I’m from because I’m getting a degree there. So it’s kinda like, we’re just spending time together and getting my degree.”

2:10 “I think I’m gonna…I haven’t decided yet but I think I’m going to drive back up to Washington to surprise my mom.”

2:15 “Oh wow. So you are making this plan like, right now.”

“I guess, yeah. Like, this is what’s happening right now. I have been planning to do it, I just didn’t know how soon it was, haha!”

“Well that’s super sweet of you! Do you have any other comments?”

“Nah, I feel good about it.”

2:29 “There’s tending to be a common theme with college students, where they forget it’s mothers day, or they don’t call their mom, how do you feel about that?”

2:39 “I think it’s really sad. Because often times, our moms are paying for us to be at college anyway. So we should definitely call them on Mother’s Day.”

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