All The Albums You’ll Need to Survive Finals

Photo ©Pink Floyd

With Fall term’s finals here, many of us will be under a lot of stress as we scramble to write papers, study for tests, and eventually recover. To help get you through finals week, here are all the albums you’ll need to survive and get things done.

For Studying

Skiptracing (2016) – Mild High Club

As you collect your headspace to get reading, be serenaded by the smooth acid jazz of Mild High Club.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (2011) – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Perfect for background reading, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s first album is a perfect package of relaxing and catchy indie bops.

Métropole 1 (2017) & 2 (2018) – Anomalie

The ultimate indie dance electronica, and perfect for ambience or light listening, Anomalie’s two-part Métropole is an excellent mesh of several contemporary electronic genres.

For Ambience

All the Lo-Fi You’ll Ever Need

The unparalleled of king of beats to study/relax/chill to! A near infinite library of Lo-Fi streams, playlists, and artists are available on nearly every music and video platforms.

Floral Shoppe (2011) – Macintosh Plus

One of the pioneering albums of the vaporwave movement, Macintosh Plus’s first and most iconic album is the condensation of 80’s and 90’s subculture in a well produced collection of highly repetitive and relaxing tracks.

For Working

Salad Days (2014) – Mac DeMarco

One of the most iconic indie rock albums of today and Mac DeMarco’s best album. Salad Days is a must-listen when writing a daunting paper or struggling with confusing questions.

Boarding House Reach (2018) – Jack White

Without a doubt, Boarding House Reach is White Stripes’ frontman Jack White’s most psychedelic album of his career. However, it remains quite accessible and welcoming to first time listeners, and will help energize you with its powerful bass, guitar, and drums.

Innerspeaker (2010) – Tame Impala

Tame Impala’s first album stands as one of the first best blends of neo-psychedelic rock and elements of modern pop, and the heavily prog-rock influenced songs are both relaxed and energetic.

For Relaxing

The Now Now (2018) – Gorillaz

Likely the Gorillaz’ last studio album, The Now Now is the virtual band’s most electronic album, although it remains very true to their roots, and fans could not have asked for a better farewell album.

Like A Baby (2018) – Jerry Paper

Indie artist Jerry Paper’s unique take on acid jazz sets itself up as a difficult to label album, and quite meditative and soothing.

Paper Mâché Dream Balloon (2015) – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

The most different from any of their other albums, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s gentle indie-folk album is bizarre, unique, and fits flawlessly with the rest of the band’s extensive discography. A must-listen for all.

For Decompressing

Station to Station (1976) – David Bowie

One of David Bowie’s classics, fans and non-fans alike will relish in Station to Station. Let the thin white duke himself help you ease down after completing your finals.

Wish You Were Here (1975) – Pink Floyd

Best enjoyed on a tired 3 AM walk after turning in that paper a few hours late. Pink Floyd’s homage to former guitarist Syd Barrett is emotional, deep, and thoughtful.

Flower Boy (2017) – Tyler the Creator

Arguably his best, Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy is jammed pack with iconic songs like as “Sometimes”, “November”, “911”, and others. This album sure to help you forget all about that test you bombed.

All albums except Floral Shoppe are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

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