Pub Night at SOU: Disney, Marvel, and “Star Wars” Trivia

What are the names and colors of the Infinity Gems from Marvel Comics? What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for (which you may recognize from several Marvel movies)? What are The Little Mermaid’s sisters’ names?  

Around 5 pm last Tuesday night, SOU students found their way to Diversions in the SU. Why? To attend SOU’s first Pub Night, a 21+ event hosted by EPIC Events and Antics Improv. The event’s theme: Disney, Marvel, and “Star Wars” trivia.

Pub Night at SOU
Photo by Clare DiMuzio

The evening was hosted by Emily and Sara of Antics Improv. The two welcomed trivia participants at 6 o’clock and urged people to form teams of friends and/or strangers. Individuals were also welcome to play. Once established and named, teams were given pieces of paper to write down their answers, and the games began.

The game was divided into two rounds: Disney trivia, and Marvel and “Star Wars” trivia. Each round had 25 questions. Teams wrote down and delivered their answers to the hosts. The rules were simple: answer the questions from memory and no using devices to search for help.

“I came because I was curious,” said SOU senior, Kelsey, “and I appreciate that we can use Raider Cash to purchase drinks.” SOU’s Campus Dining was serving a full menu of food (both snacks and meals) and had a selection of beer and wine for students to enjoy.

What attacked Luke Skywalker on Hoth?
Photo by Clare DiMuzio

“Pub Night was suggested years ago by previous EPIC members,” said Danny Hernandez, EPIC’s Director of Leadership. “But this is the first time it’s been done.” Hernandez went on to say that other schools EPIC has visited in recent years have had some form of pub or sports bar in the student union, which helped spark inspiration for the event. Pub Night was a sort of test drive to see how students reacted to alcohol on campus.

At halftime, teams were given a break to order more food and drinks and were entertained with an improv show. Using suggestions from the audience, the team played some fun games including Sex With Me, Two-Line Vocabulary, Objection, and my personal favorite, Beatnik Poets.

Antics Improv performs
Photo by Clare DiMuzio

The second round started, and teams thought back to all of the Marvel and “Star Wars” movies they had seen. When all of the questions were answered and all answers turned in, the hosts tallied up the winners for both rounds. Winners were announced, and teams went up to collect their prizes.

“I think [campus events] help… to get people back socializing,” said Christian, an SOU senior who came to the event after seeing an ad for it on InsideSOU. Even during midterms and finals, he feels, “you still need to give yourself a breather and socialize and have fun,” and events like Pub Night provide a great opportunity.

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