Winter’s A Drag!

The Drag Kings and Queens returned to SOU in style! For the first time in what feels like forever, the Winter’s A Drag show returned with a slew of performances, dance breaks, and snacks! Hosted in the SU’s Rogue River Room by the illustrious, the one, the only Miss Jaxon and the delightfully, Flynn Boyant!

Fifteen minutes prior to the event’s opening, guests were lined up for the show chatting and laughing as they waited for the party to start. Many guests arrived ready in their best drag makeup and flashy outfits, all cheering and complimenting each other’s work. As people began to flood in, the party started with blaring music and cool lights. The one and only Mike Sandoval (@tuffshedmikemusic) DJ’d the show with a live selection of songs to dance and vibe to as the performers prepared for the First Act. After an hour or so, the first act began with a kick-off performance by Miss Jaxon, followed by Flynn Boyant, Miss Deb. U. Taunt, and Hermpaphroditey, each with a stunning number to get the show going. After a thundering applause, the performers took off to recuperate and ready themselves for the Second Act. In the meantime, Mike blasted the dance music, as more people arrived at the show, digging into the snack bar and jamming on the dance floor.

After another brief prep period, the Second Act was underway, introducing performances by Miss D. Transition and Freya Sneezewort. As before, the audience cheered and cried with each performance, stunned and amazed at the creative choreo and moving music choices. The Second Act came to an end with another music break and an open dance floor. 

It was around 10 pm when the Second Act ended, and while the party was still going, the energy started to dip– but before we knew it, the third and Final Act started and brought the energy from a 6 to a 12! The final performances ended the night with loud music, stylish choreo, and of course, endless cheers from the audience. Miss Jaxon took the stage after the final show to give a heartwarming speech and thanks to everyone who not only worked the show; but to everyone in the audience who showed up to give their support.

The Siskiyou was able to get in contact with Miss Jaxon and Flynn Boyant after the show to get an insight into the event’s setup.

How did planning the event go?

“It took roughly 4 months to plan– from securing the space to casting the Queens, Kings, and the DJ, to the final logistical details with the set and performances.” Miss Jaxon said.

How was it to perform?

“It was a really good energy, the crowd was going wild, and I got to do numbers that traditionally, I think, would bum people out– but since everyone in college is depressed…” Flynn Boyant trailed off in a chuckle before saying, “It was nice!”

“I typically don’t get too nervous before shows, but this one was different– given that I was going to be hosting and performing in front of all my peers. Also, since last year’s drag event got canceled, I felt I had a lot to prove. However, the audience reception made it all worth it!” Miss Jaxon said.

If you’re looking for some more drag events to check out, Miss Jaxon provided us with a short line-up of shows coming in the next few weeks (or days!):

Blueprint – at the Black Sheep Pub in Ashland (7:00 PM on 2/17)

Beauxken Hearts – at the Beaux Club in Ashland (2/18) (You must be 21 and up to attend)

Mardi Gras – at Science Works Museum in Ashland (7:00 PM on 2/24)

Pride Night – at the Trapdoor Bar in Ashland (3/18) (You must be 21 and up to attend)

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