Student Film Festival Happening on June 7th!

The SOU Student Film Festival is in its 18th running season. This year the event will be held on June 7th at the Varsity Theatre in Ashland. Attendance is free for students but with a fee for members of the community who wish to attend. 

The SOU Student Film Festival is produced by the SOU Film Club and is a part of the Film Festival Programming and Promotion class. It is facilitated by faculty supervision. We reached out to AJ Carter, this year’s Festival Director to ask a few questions. They have involved themselves a lot throughout their years at SOU. “Last year Ezra Farner was the Film Club President and the SOUSFF Director and I wanted to follow in his footsteps! I threw my hat into the ring to be the festival director and gave my little speech and won the role of Director in a voting process that happens in the class. My good friend and colleague Blythe Lloyd won the role of Associate Director through the same process. Together we make a great team and are so excited to bring this festival to life this year!” 

The contest holds a wide rand of genres so there will be something for everyone to enjoy. The contest is open to SOU students and to “Future Raiders where high school students that might come to SOU can submit their projects.” AJ said. The after-party will be at Ashland Springs for the first time and ‘We also may or may not have some really cool new trophies this year!! We’ve collaborated with some amazing local artists to make these awesome pieces special for the festival.’ The excitement that AJ possess is palpable. “The best part of working the festival has been seeing how much love and excitement is going into it.” They explained. “People are really getting into it and trying to make it as much of a fun and exciting experience as possible. We have such a great team and I wouldn’t ask for anything else from this group. The festivals have been amazing in the past, but I think we all had some ideas on what we wanted to bring to the table or see differently. It’s such a collaborative experience and I recommend it to anyone interested in film festivals and their programming to take the class.”

Submissions were on the festival’s Film Freeway page. Deadlines for submission closed at 11:59 PM, May 11th. A final total of 59 films and screenplays from Alumni, current students, and prospective SOU students have been submitted to the festival.

“We are tabling in the Stevenson Union Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays starting May 15th to June 6th!

Screening is free for students but seating is limited so collect a ticket at the table!

After-party tickets are $5 for all and are also limited!

For more information and to see updates follow @SOUStudentFF on Instagram.

And join us Wednesday, June 7th at 6 PM at The Varsity for this year’s SOUSFF!

This is a great opportunity to meet, support, and celebrate the filmmakers of our school!

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