Final Pub Night of the Term – Huge Success

Thursday, May 11th marked the final pub night of the year. This pub night was held in the Stevenson Union from 6:30 – 8 pm. Drinks and food were available for purchase. For those over 21, there was a nice variety of alcohol including Raider Wine.

Bingo was served by hosts Miss Jaxson and Hermaphrodite. The drag performances were excellent and made for an entertaining bingo night.  The performances and hosting also pumped the crowd up. Everyone was so excited to be there. It was great to see so many people light up because the performances were just so good.

The crowd was extremely excited for Bingo. Letting out cheers and boos for each number that was called. During the first round, two participants got bingos! (the first in Miss Jaxon’s bingo-hosting career) The rewards were gift cards to either Case Coffee or As You Like It. There were five rounds, the first four were traditional but the last was the blackout. There were a lot of close winners for the blackout round. The winners were all very happy with their prizes. 

Miss Jaxson ended the night by thanking the crowd as she closes out her time at SOU but encouraged attendees to continue supporting the drag queens on campus and off. “We’re lucky that we still get to have drag here when in other states in the US it’s not allowed right now,” She said. “But I’m leaving SOU Drag in good hands.” She motioned to Hermaphrodite and the crowd cheered their support.

Here’s to all the great pub nights and drag nights in the years to come!

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