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Greensprings Bathrooms: The Truth Behind the Scum

Greensprings Bathrooms: The Truth Behind the Scum

I’ve been working custodial for the housing department at Southern Oregon University (SOU) for about a year now. I’ve heard many rumors surrounding the Greensprings bathrooms, from “there’s mold in there,” to “they haven’t been cleaned in years.” Damyan Mendoza, a freshmen living in Greensprings even went as far to say that “The bathrooms look […]

Rethinking SOU: Cullinan on the House model – “we’ve got to do this right”

As a core group of Southern Oregon University faculty members develop a new approach to 21st century higher education practices, one of the biggest challenges is the question of logistics. How are they going to make the Houses program work?

Rethinking SOU: how the House model impacts your education

This year Southern Oregon University will start its long journey to becoming a more sustainable and distinctive campus by implementing an original “House” model to eventually replace the university’s traditional style of offering general education requirements.

Rethinking SOU: do we need the House model?

Finding students who want to attend Southern Oregon University is not difficult. But keeping them on campus past their freshman year has become an enrollment problem. According to SOU President Mary Cullinan, about one third of students will leave SOU before their sophomore year.

Rethinking SOU: new “House” model to be offered to incoming freshmen in fall 2013

Southern Oregon University is going in a new direction when it comes to how the university handles general education. Starting in the fall of 2013, SOU will offer a new plan for incoming freshmen called “Houses.”