ASSOU Recap 4/12/2022

The meeting started at 6:00 p.m. with no objections to the agenda, followed by the land of acknowledgment.

With the date not yet chosen, the SOU President Rick Bailey stopped by to announce that all ASSOU members are welcome to come to a gathering at the President’s residence for dinner as a thank you for all of ASSOU’s hard work this past academic year.

Senate Speaker Keeley Reiners was thankful for everyone who came to the light walk last week. Cece Manning has stepped down from ASSOU, but her position will not go up on handshake right away, as elections are coming up. The executive said this Friday will be the first executive branch meeting of the term, and next week will be the first town hall meeting of the term.

The 29th will also be ASSOU meetings that day. The judicial branch is trying to finish bylaws before the new administration comes in after the elections. ASSOU gave a reminder of the Oregon Public meetings law; you must provide notice of where and when a public meeting will take place.

The place ASSOU must set up their meetings is presence. Cabinet gave a reminder that SFAC is later that night and will be presenting to the board of trustees next week. Applications for elections open on Friday afternoon; this is on Thursday the 21st. The administration sent out an email about a photo shoot and would like ASSOU members to sign up, friends and other students are encouraged to sign up, and you will get a hydro flask.

A meeting for Prom happened, and things are going very well for it to take place on June 5th. ASSOU awards are on May 17th, and all ASSOUs are encouraged to come. OSPIG had a great success during club carnival and participating in the earth day extravagances at the SOU Farm. They will also be making posters for their smoothie event soon. RHA has a general assembly tonight and a Pancake feed sometime later this term, and RHA elections are coming up soon. Clubs gave an update on how they approved a 650 budget for the weightlifting club, the film club is helping with the student film festival on June 1st, and speed friending this happening this Thursday. Athletics said two softball players got player of the week and woman’s soccer as their first game on Saturday.

Cancelation of the elections committee to give everyone a rest, and they will be approving campaign materials next week. Also, OER (open education resources) met for the first time this term and got their first survey back, with only a 7% answer rate.

ASSOU will be tabling at the earth day event on the farm. The budget for ASSOU T-shirts was declined, and work on it is now paused until next term. Stickers, though, were approved. This Friday will be the first town hall meeting, and every other Wednesday after that, ASSOU members must attend at least two of them.

EAC would like to recommend to the senate that the green fund would like a raise from 13 dollars to 14 dollars due to inflation. This green fund is often used for things at the SOU farm and even helps with streams and waters in the region. In addition, students can propose ways to use the green funding to help benefit both SOU’s sustainability. The increase would be through the student fee, but it is only a dollar increase and the cheapest fee as a part of the student fee. The motion to increase the green fund was passed through 4 votes, 0 rejections, and three abstained.

ASSOU wants to find ways to make it more straightforward for the students to know what the student fee funds. A reminder that pub night with a focus on movie trivia is happening on Thursday night. The board of trustees will be approving the fees soon.

6:38 p.m. meeting adjourned.

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