Club Involvement Carnival: Connecting with Students and Their Passions

On April 12th, the Club Board of Advisors held a carnival themed showcase of some of the organizations on campus. The Club Involvement Fair took place in the Rogue River Room, with tables set up and down the hall to the entrance. It was a great opportunity for students to visualize all the different clubs they can get involved in now that COVID has become less of a concern, especially with the mask mandate recently being lifted. Each group present had a game to play or some way to engage for snacks and other prizes. According to the Student Clubs Director, the student body can expect more events like this moving forward. 

It was The Siskiyou’s mission to speak to club officers and members for a personal account of what one can expect from their meetings and what they have done in the past. So for those who missed out, they can still get an idea of ways to be active on campus. The Siskiyou first got to talk to a fellow member, Mekenzie Brock, who is the officer of the English Club. They meet up every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:15 in Central Hall at the Decker Writing Studio. While it is a helpful club for English majors looking at their future careers, it is also meant for anyone who wants to talk about their favorite book and socialize. They have an upcoming fundraising bake sale happening in the next couple of weeks! 

The fair truly offered something for everyone. If students are interested in rotary club, try reaching out to Teal Hammer, the leader of the campus rotary club! When speaking with Teal he elaborated about how it is the perfect chance to have an impact in one’s community and learn about job opportunities. Maybe students are trying to become more physically active and do not know where to start; Lydia Staeck, the officer of the Weight Lifting + Wellness Club, can help students on a holistic health journey in a supportive environment.

 If one is enthusiastic about saving the bees, then look no further than the SOU Pollinator Club! This club is devoted to advocating and educating on all types of pollinators and their habitats. Their meetings now take place from 3:30 to 3:05 on Thursdays at the Hannon Library, Room 305. For international students, domestic students looking to study abroad, or those who just want to learn more about other cultures there is the International Student Association. Club Advisor Noelle Porter mentioned that they are looking for student leadership. 

For improv enthusiasts there is a choice of Untitled Titled Improv with Sam Whitler or The Next Best Thing Improv! For those who would rather watch improv than participate, the TNBT has shows on April 22nd, May 1st, or June 3rd! Dates for Untitled Titled Improv will be listed on their Instagram @utimprov.sou. For other theater interests, check out the Actors Club! 

Club Officer Bridgett Wall shared her hopes for the Psychology Club- striving for regular club meetings and a possible afternoon tea. Mauro Reyes, club officer of the Latino Student Union, discussed how the club was made to show the different cultures and include people of all Latino backgrounds. With the support of club advisor Johnathan Chavez, they have hosted community events for Latino youth programs. 

Other organizations include the Samoan Club, which will be having its first Fiafia Night on May 27th. More information on this club and the Fiafia night is available at @sousamoanclub. Those who’d like to learn more about Samoan culture can attend by purchasing a 15$ ticket, in cash, which will soon be sold at tables! President Elizabeth Sagatu expressed the sense of family amongst the club while engaging in fun activities like cookouts and volleyball.  

Katie Vertido, co-president of the SOU Medieval Arts Club, told The Siskiyou all about what practicing medieval arts means. It includes sword fighting, jewelry making, and embroidery. The Medieval Arts Clubs has a symbiotic relationship with the non-profit Society of Creative Anachronism which teaches them more about this topic. Usually, their meetings take place in the Stevenson Union Arena (basement) from 6-9 pm on Thursdays. Their schedule practice is linked on their Instagram @sou.medievalarts.

However, not every club was at the Club Involvement Fair. For example- OSPIRG Students, which offers help to raiders in need, was not present but is still accepting new members. There were many others involved such as: Soccer Club, Holistic Teaching Learning, SOU Outdoor Program, Criminology and Criminal Justice, OHSU, Native America Student Union, Epic Events, SOU Mentor Program, ASSOU, Asian Student Union, Black Student Union, Ho’op’a Hawai’i Club, Hospitality and Tourism Club, and SOU Film Club. 

While there were some technical issues and bad weather, it did not take away from the goal. The fair was great at revitalizing interest by creating a conversation between club officers and members to students who might want to join. For those searching for a comprehensive list of the clubs, including those not at the fair, the SOU presence is an accessible list of organizations as well as upcoming events!    

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