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ASSOU Voter’s Guide

ASSOU Voter’s Guide

Editors note: All proposals were submitted by the candidates. The Siskiyou does not endorse any candidate running for any posistion. For more info on the upcoming elections visit www.assou.net/voters-guide.html Executive Candidates President/Vice President: Hassan Harris/Amanda Stucke We will strive to be an accurate representation of the student voice at SOU, and work to maintain its […]

A little bit of this and a little of that

I’m a little late writing my column this week, the editor might say ‘a lot bit late,’ but I’m the one that is doing the writing. Usually, something strikes me as peculiar or somewhat off-beam, and is fun to poke fun at. When I sat down to write this week’s piece a lot of little […]

Dude, where’s my bike?

The majority of car trips taken by Americans are less than two miles. A two mile bike ride is about the distance from Southern Oregon University’s Ashland campus to the plaza downtown. There is even a specific bike path provided from SOU to Lithia Park. This being said, bicycles are healthy for you, for your […]

A place that SOU vets can call their own

I spent the first days of my return to college trying to find a quiet place where I could study and not interfere with the daily activities of younger students. Truth be told, I needed quiet for my brain to absorb what I was studying … and I needed a place to take an occasional […]

Why drinking after college will make you no more or less of an alcoholic … hopefully

If you drink like I do, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Enjoy it while you can, because after college, it’s called alcoholism.” Well, I have a few words for whoever coined this cute — and completely inaccurate— phrase. Being in college and drinking are synonymous for many, myself included. Since I came to this school, I […]

MLS Is Finally Moving Forward

In 2002, I saw my first professional soccer game live when I went to watch the San Jose Earthquakes play against the New England Revolution at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, Calif. As a 12-year-old, I didn’t really know what to expect but my coach at the time said that it would be a moment […]

Hit by the graduation express

I had a dream last night. One like I haven’t had in a long time. It was midnight and for some reason I was walking down a railroad track in the middle of nowhere. Like a kid, I was balancing on the 3-inch rail walking as far as I could before I fell off. The […]

Find your adventure

The world seemed so much bigger when I was a small child. Everything was new and exciting, and a task as small as riding my bicycle to the mailbox was a journey of grand proportion. The United States is increasingly becoming a nation of tedium. Go to class or work, come home, watch some television […]

Trails are calling after the onset of spring

Spring is rearing its pretty head, and its time to get outside free of wool hats and long sleeves. Dust off the hiking boots and go for a stroll. Lithia Park and the network of trails that stem off it is one of Oregon’s finest hiking destinations. A pleasant winding trail at the top of […]

Notice of eviction

President Cullinan and other Southern Oregon University administrators are getting the boot from Churchill. In fact, everyone in the building is! After I heard this rumor I asked myself, did they forget to pay the rent or were they just partying too much? Did they disrespect the landlord? What is actually going on? And more […]