Ashland City Council position 4 overview

Both Bruce Harrell and Dennis Slattery, candidates for position 4 of Ashland City Council, know the economy is the focus of this election year and have vowed to cut wasteful spending and reign in the city budget as reported by the Medford Mail Tribune

Bruce B. Harrell has been an Attorney at Law since 1982, he is semi-retired and willing to work full time for Ashland. He has been a Lobbyist and Activist Organizer for the rights of handicapped and abused children. He has also been the Democratic Party State Delegate, and a Judge Pro Tem. Harrell is running on many different promises of change in the way government works in Ashland. He wants to abolish “politics as usual” and start with fresh faces. He says “Politics as usual is not working. It is time to step outside the box and use common sense.” Information provided by Bruce B. Harrell via 2010 Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet.

Dennis Slattery is an Associate Professor at Southern Oregon University at the School of Business. He is also currently a Certified Public Accountant by the State of Oregon. He has been a part of the City of Ashland Citizens Budget Committee, 2008-present, the Budget Committee Chair, 2010, City of Ashland Audit Committee, 2010and the Southern Oregon University Faculty Senate, 2009-present.  “I have worked with Dennis on a number of community issues. I have always found him to be a clear thinker with ability to listen well and make good decisions,” said Alan DeBoer in the 2010 Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet. All information provided by 2010 Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet.

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