Measure 74 and regulated marijuana

Through November 2nd Oregonians will vote on measure 74 which looks to change the laws of medical marijuana in Oregon State.

Measure 74, if passed, will establish an Oregon Health Authority regulated supply system as an additional component to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. This act will create licensed dispensaries and license producers.

Under the current law, cardholders must either grow their own marijuana or have it grown from them by a caregiver or third-party grower. Any grower may provide up to four people each six mature marijuana plants, 18 starts or seedlings and 24 ounces (1.5 pounds) of usable marijuana.

The new law would allow each dispensary or producer to possess 24 mature plants, 72 starts or seedlings and 96 ounces (six pounds) of usable marijuana. It also subjects producers and dispensaries to OHA regulation and inspection as well as required financial reporting. The measure also requires a criminal records check and prohibits licensing persons convicted within five years of certain violent felonies, certain felony theft offenses and manufacture or delivery of drugs.

Southern Oregon University student Dallon Hamilton said about the new measure, “It makes me feel more comfortable about doing business.”

Many critics of the measure call 74 a thinly veiled attempt at legalization.

“I believe it brings the subject [of legalization] to the people’s attention more,” Hamilton said when asked his thoughts on the subject, “but I don’t believe it brings us any closer to legalization.”

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