Election Sweeps Southern Oregon

Ashland Public Library ballot drop-off was a flurry of activity as people scrambled to submit their ballots on Tuesday for the local and state elections.

Heather Spencer, local police officer on the 4 p.m. shift, took ballots from people as they walked, biked, or drove by to vote. “Every five minutes there’s a steady stream of cars lined up,” said Spencer.

Students from Southern Oregon University came to the library to drop off ballots that had been collected throughout the week from the campus outside the Stevenson Union. The university campus has been known to have the lowest rate of return of those living in Ashland but things seem to have turned around.

Many of those who turned out to vote expressed the importance of voting. Both the measures and the candidates were equally important to the residents of Ashland in this year’s elections. Measures 74 (regulation of medical marijuana) and 76 (lottery funds for natural resources) were regarded as highly important to those who submitted ballots.

The last day to drop off ballots and vote for the local and state elections was a busy and important day and the voters will soon see how their vote effects the state of Oregon and Jackson County.

by Sofia McKinney

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