Upcoming “Mortal Kombat” brings gaming back to its roots

Photo courtesy of superbantenna.com.

Remember “Mortal Kombat,” the 2-D, 1990’s arcade fighting game? Well it’s back, and better than ever, with a 2011 reboot with all the bells and whistles of a modern seventh-generation console game.

Retaining the first game’s premise of a mythical martial arts tournament between warriors of various nationalities and races, this new incarnation takes a seemingly backwards step by incorporating the 3-D graphics of today with a 2-D plane in which the fighting matches take place. This effect gives the game, according to many critics, a much-needed return to simplicity.

Also in keeping with the “Mortal Kombat” series’ origins, the 2011 title, simply called “Mortal Kombat,” returns with the most popular characters from the franchise, complete with their special moves and the ultra-violent “fatalities,” or kill animations, that caused so much controversy with the original game’s release.

With roughly 26 characters available to players, expect to see such fan favorites as Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, and Raiden.

The game is due to be released at midnight on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, and is still available to pre-order at GameStop in Medford, or Play n’ Trade here in Ashland.


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