Player Profile: Krista Bormann

“Lionel Messi, watch out!” Women’s Soccer Coach Jon Clement compliments defender #19 Krista Bormann’s  “interesting and inventive interpretations of various dribbling moves”.

Bormann, a Junior has started in all ten games of the Women’s Soccer season, playing in front of a solid defense, which has allowed only eleven goals this season.

Despite playing defense, she has been able to take five shots this season, including one on goal.

“Krista’s proven to be an invaluable member of our team and program”, says Clement, “she’s constantly aiming to improve and she leads by example”.

Keeping the team’s spirit high along with a positive attitude is what Krista encourages on the field.

Bormann has not only played soccer, but has also played tennis and basketball. When forced to choose between playing basketball and soccer, Krista made the choice to give up being a point guard to pursue her soccer career.

Growing up in a sports orientated family, Krista picked up soccer at the age of six. She didn’t always play defense, but played as a forward and midfielder, before deciding to work toward a defense holding midfielder.

“I like to be able to see the whole field and to set up plays”, said Bormann would consider herself a playmaker, distributing passes out to teammates.

When matched against “one of the best holding midfielders in the country”, Coach Clement describes the scene as a “fantastic battle to watch”, where Krista “more than held her ground”.

The Raiders are about half way done with their season holding a record of 4-5-1. Bormann is confident with the rest of the season and knows her team has proven they are strong and competitive. She is anticipating making it to the playoffs, then nationals, and would call upon fans to support Raiders Women’s Soccer.

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