Roger Ebert Dies at 70

Photo by Eileen Ryan via The Chicago Sun-Times
Photo by Eileen Ryan via The Chicago Sun-Times

Roger Ebert, chief film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and the man who defined the dialogue for discussing films, has died after a battle with cancer at the age of 70, as reported by the Sun-Times today.

Ebert announced a leave of presence from the publication this past Tuesday due to a relapse of his cancer. The disease, which had infected his jaw, cost him the ability to speak in 2006. That didn’t stop him from continuing his reviewing, continuing the dialogue with fans through social media and his own site

As the staff of the Siskiyou entertainment section heads out this weekend to review films for the 12th Ashland Independent Film Festival, we want to extend our condolences to his wife and continue the tradition of film critics that made him a household name. Roger, you will be missed.

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