Review: “Killing Kennedy” is Powerful History

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Based on Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s best seller comes this powerful thriller starring Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon A Time’s Snow White). The film follows John F. Kennedy rising to become the U.S. president, and Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine who increasingly grows disillusioned with America.  Eventually their paths will collide in one of the most shocking events in United States history.

Initially I doubted Rob Lowe’s abilities as an actor to pull off playing one of the most memorable Presidents in history. After seeing this television movie I am now convinced that Rob Lowe is one of the greatest actors that has ever lived. He portrays Kennedy as someone who loves his family dearly and is not a perfect human being.

The most powerful and entraining performance has to go to Will Rothhaar. Relatively new to the acting industry, Will Rothhaar gave a powerful performance as Lee Harvey Oswald. He portrayed Oswald as a jerk, a loner, and as someone who desperately wants to be paid attention.  This powerful portrayal gives us a better insight into who Oswald was and why he did the things that he did. After witnessing this Emmy worthy performance, it is safe to say that Mr.Rothhaar will go far in Hollywood and will have a long and successful career.

Reruns of Killing Kennedy are currently airing on the National Geographic Channel. Go and watch one of the most powerful television movies that has ever existed. You will be entertained and  at times you might be moved to tears.