Hungry Girls-One Dude. So Hungry.

Hungry Girls

Local music in Ashland remains a big part of the scene especially as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival prepares to gear up in just a few days. Strolling down the sidewalks music spills out from alleys and eateries up and down the main streets from now until next January.
Most nights, at least one of the bars has a featured show but weekends are when downtown Ashland comes alive. From bands belting traditional folk to rock n’ roll, mixed sounds can be heard throughout the plaza on any given Saturday night.
This last weekend Paddy Brannan’s Irish Pub drew a small crowd to watch as one man band “Hungry Girls” took the stage.
Dave Mckey is the solo musician behind the project that is based out of Medford, Oregon and orchestrated a combination of guitar, vocals, kick drum and tambourine to bring the intimate crowd in I-pub to their feet Saturday night.
Mckey describes his music as, “ A crazy adventure to better help understand the noises my soul makes,” and that much is evident.
Hungry Girl’s influences fluctuate from soft, smoother artists like Elliot Smith and Marvin Gaye to the swanky and soulful sounds of the Black Keys. These influences bled through the speakers on Saturday evening as most of the songs were upbeat and accompanied by a prime foot tapping beat.
One songs on the setlist that portrayed the slower side of American acoustic guitar as well as the versatility of the band was the track Broken Soul, “Sometimes I get sad and write songs about it,” Mckey said, after he had finished the tune.
All of Hungry Girl’s music can be found for free on the band’s website, as well as their facebook page. Though a resident and active performer around the valley, Hungry Girls will not return to Ashland until March 25th when he will open for another multi-instrument, single performer act — Tom Bennett’s One Man Band at Oberon’s Tavern.