SOU’s Second Annual EMCon


Students have been preparing for months, crafting video games in SOU’s computer labs, imaginative new art pieces in their own studios or focusing on entirely original presentations, all for one event. EMCon.

The Emerging Media Convention (EMCon) will stretch over two days, starting on Friday May 1 at 10 AM, and ending on Saturday the 2nd. The event will be held on campus at Stevenson Union’s Rogue River Room. EMCon, founded last year then called EMDAcon, is a school sponsored convention with the intent to highlight the creativity of SOU’s students.

EMCon founder Amanda Denbeck, who plans to graduate in June with a BS in EMDA as well as a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design and Digital Art, believes that the convention is a way for students to highlight their talents. “A year before the first EMCon, I was at the SOU Career Fair and I realized that creative art students needed a venue to be able to network and build connections with potential employers,” she says “Our mission is to provide an event where students, alumni, community, businesses, and professionals in the creative arts can collaborate and expand their support networks.”

Denbeck says she is most looking forward to Artist Alley, an event which will take place on Saturday at 10 AM. Artist Alley will provide an opportunity for students to feature their original works. It will highlight the more creative and artistic work SOU students and alumni have been working on over the past year.

“Last year’s Artist Alley was included in the programming of the 2014 Ashland Innovators Conference (an event put on by the City of Ashland Chamber), which was a great opportunity for SOU EMCon and students participating in Artist Alley since it drew a large audience of businesses within Ashland and the Rogue Valley.” Denbeck said.


While the conventions main intention is to highlight the work of students, it will also provide panels where professors and community members will discuss topics relevant to students. These include a workshop, currently scheduled for Friday at 1 PM, geared at helping students understand copyright laws. Another event worth mentioning is the What Happens After Graduation panel scheduled for Saturday at 2 PM. The panel will feature several SOU alumni discussing their experiences after graduation.

EMCon plans to release a more detailed list of events later this week. For more information follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or visit the official EMCon site.