Ready for Summer? Not so Fast!

Spring Term is nearing its end, and summer is fast-approaching. In addition to all those finals, projects and that dreaded move-out day – students have a few items on their to-do list to consider checking off before Housing boots them out at the end of the term. While some will look for work or internships, others will return home until the coming Fall Term, fewer still remain on campus for a combinations of summer classes and work. May 23 was the lasunnamedt day to register for summer classes.

Some important dates to keep in mind are June 1, which is prioritized for those to make their deposit for fall term. It is also the day when instructors begin entering spring term grades, which students will be able to view on their MySOU June 17th after 12:00pm. From June 8th to the 12th is when final examinations will be held and it’s the last day to return or sell any textbooks to the SOU Bookstore. Spring term also officially ends that Friday.

Check the Academic Calendar for important dates and the Registration Timetables for when your grade is scheduled to register for next term.
Another thing to keep in mind about June 12th is that at 4:00pm Spring Housing officially closes and Summer Housing opens. Residents are required to go through a checking-out process with their floor’s RA (Resident Advisor). This includes packing all of their belongings, checking to make sure all furniture and appliances are undamaged, beds are “unbunked” and setting beside one another, and that students fill out a check-out sheet notifying Housing that this process has been completed and with the RA’s approval.

Students are required to move out within an hour of their last final. Students who fail to complete the checking-out process or leave their room damaged or in poor condition are liable to be fined up to $100. Therefore, it is highly recommended students prepare to move out a day or two before their last final. SOU Housing also has an online Exit Survey they would like for students to fill out. Those who complete the survey before June 3rd, after the Pancake Feed, will be entered into a drawing for 10 awards of $20 Raider Cash each!