Annual International Dinner: Tastes From Around the Globe


Japan, Armenia, Germany and Peru are just some of the countries represented on a lengthy table of international delicacies.

Wednesday night, the International Student Association on campus hosted the annual International Dinner in the Stevenson Union’s Rogue River Room.

The dinner is a fundraising event that includes a three course meal featuring food from all over the world and made by SOU students.

The ISA is one of the universities oldest clubs with its beginning in 1985.  Nearly 100 Students and community members packed the room to enjoy foods from across the globe.“I love to see people happy, enjoying themselves, enjoying their dinner, and see them laughing!” said ISA President, Ibrahim Alfaiyez, an international student from Saudi Arabia.

Alfaiyez attended SOU after his older brother recommended the university who graduated in 2009.  “When I had the opportunity, I moved here and I really, really loved it. It’s a really beautiful area, beautiful campus, and a lot of nice people here.”

Alfaiyez continued to say that the club continues to attracts new international students to SOU after others have graduated and returned to their countries having shared their positive experiences.

The club is not only for international students, but welcomes any student or community member who is interested. The ISA Vice President, Chelsey Romano, spent a year studying abroad in Germany and sees the club as an opportunity to continue to expand her point-of-view. “I just feel so grateful that I get to learn about the world every single day and that I have a cultured perspective of life and not just the American way.”

The ISA split into six teams to prepare a total of 12 different items ranging from vegetarian and meat entrees and three different dessert options. “I like that we can come together as a group and even though we’re all diverse and have different values we can come together and make an amazing night,” said Romano.

The International Dinner isn’t the club’s only big event, next month on March 16 the ISA will host the annual International Show on campus at the SOU recital hall. Students will represent a variety of different countries through music, dance, and other performances.
If interested in joining the International Student Association, contact