Tyler Takeshita Takes Over As Student Body President


Following Colin Davis’s removal from office former Vice President Tyler Takeshita has taken over as Associate Students of Southern Oregon University President. “We’re in a really unique position, kind of like a starting over opportunity,” said Takeshita expressing his intentions to use Davis’ impeachment as a growing opportunity to for the ASSOU government.

“The grounds that Colin and I ran on of strengthening the community of SOU still apply. But with the new admin we can kind of re-tool how we want to achieve that goal,” said Takeshita. As he intends on keeping the platform Davis and he ran on to make it into office.

It was the Back 2 Class Bash, a concert held on Oct. 1 that set Davis’ Presidency into question by his fellow student body governing board. The concert being his first action as ASSOU President. “I think one of the big things that happened during this whole concert debacle was there was a lack of transparency and communication among all branches of government,” said Takeshita.

There are some students who disagree entirely with Davis’ impeachment. “He [Davis] did his best and tried to make changes at SOU and then was punished for it,” said sophomore Hannah Schweighardt.

For others, the impeachment process left them uncomfortable and unsure of how to react to the situation. “Nobody wants to hold anyone accountable especially if your friends with them or you know they’re a nice person because Colin was a nice person,” said Oneta Cantlon, who filed the original grievance against Davis.

According to Takeshita he is using this opportunity to learn and grow with the student government in order to be better in the future. “What I want to do with this new opportunity is continue the idea that I ran with which is a platform of strengthening the community but also include as many people as possible,” he said. “I want to do the same things but have a different approach to it.”   

As the new Student Body President Takeshita and the rest of ASSOU governing board have set goals to focus on in the future. These goals include promoting veterans on SOU’s campus, adding solar panels to campus, and working with Oregon Student Association in order to encourage more students to lobby at the Oregon capitol.

Cantlon is both confident moving forward and in Takeshita’s ability as Student Body President. “I think he cares a lot and I think he really wants students to know what’s going on which is really important,” she said.

Takeshita now holds more power in his new position as Student Body President as he has the opportunity to greatly impact students at SOU.


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