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Creative writing BFA to produce literary magazine

With the new year comes the new edition of the Creative Writing Department’s magazine. The title of this year’s magazine will be the same as last year’s: Main Squeeze.

This year, the Creative Writing workshop class decided on a new theme to add to the old title: Trash. They encouraged submissions to be an interpretation on whatever ‘Trash’ means to the writers.

“The annual publication is the product of junior and senior Creative Writing students taking the Beyond the Workshop class, taught by Prof. K. Silem Mohammad,” said Editor-in-Chief, Ky Huddleston

Jessee JoLee, the Assistant Editor, explained that “the class allows the students to conceptualize themselves as professional writers, work on a literary magazine from start to finish, and explore the current professional environment.”

The editing staff encourages students to polish their writing and send it in as soon as possible. There are a variety of genres to choose from including: poetry, fiction, non-fiction or art in any printable format. According to Huddleson, this includes artwork and short comics.

Each genre has specific guidelines for submitting The editors of the magazine are seeking submissions up until the Feb. 15. Details and guidelines can be found on their website.

For students who may be nervous to submit their writing, nonfiction-editor Jordan Skidgel, encouraged to students to do it anyway. “Edit it loads and send it anyway, don’t be shy, kids,” she said.

Skidgel, explained that the magazine receives poetry submissions the most and non fiction the least. “We  haven’t received a lot of art,” she continued.

Once all the pieces are submitted, edited and the magazine is sent to be printed, students can begin receiving copies. “The magazine will be headed for the presses by the end of Winter term. We will be distributing the publication early Spring term,” said Huddleston.

The editors are still deciding on an efficient way to handle sharing the magazine with the students, but according to Skidgel students with published pieces will receive a free copy.

To purchase a copy of Main Squeeze, students are invited to contact the Creative Writing department.

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