The Stone Foxes: The First Must-See Band of the Decade

Photo by The Stone Foxes

“A visceral roots-rock pop band with slightly sweaty grooves and kick you in the teeth energy.” This perfect quote comes from the mastermind behind The Stone Foxes, Shannon Koehler, who will be playing at The Applegate Lodge on February 27th.

The Stone Foxes initially started out of a necessity to do something. Shannon and his brother Spenser grew up in a rural area of Northern California where high school sports reigned supreme. Fast forward to 2020, The Stone Foxes have opened for The Black Keys, licensed their music for ads by Jack Daniels and BMW, and have even been featured in the Oscar-winning film Free Solo.

On a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shannon for a phone interview to ask some hard-hitting questions like “What’s your favorite song to cover live?” His response may shock you. “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. The anthem of thousands of anxious young 20-somethings screaming “Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better,” seems unusual for a grimy blues-rock outfit and yet it works! Take their most recent single, “Can’t Go Back”, a song that is full of everything that has made “Psycho Killer” an absolute banger for so many years. A funky bass line, a call-and-response chorus, and the ability to just get up and dance your heart out. For a band that’s spent years traveling the I-5 corridor, The Stone Foxes have an innate sense of what their audience loves: pure unbridled rock with a socially conscious message.

Shannon was in great spirits and is definitely passionate about the issues facing this country in this time of turmoil. On the topic of the band’s newest record, Shannon said, “This is music about new inspirations in these dark times we live in.” It’s been three years since the band’s last EP release and the musical landscape looks quite different than it did in the past. Success in the music industry is defined by the number of streams on any given platform and the number of tickets sold at each concert venue. This pattern of success seems difficult to achieve unless an artist has the ability to broadcast with the power of a major record label behind them. This is not the case for The Stone Foxes. According to Shannon, “It’s all about getting placements.” Those tv ads along with a consistent, rabid fanbase has allowed this band to operate independently for a little over a decade. Thanks to their licensed material and an outstanding team behind the scenes, The Stone Foxes have been able to operate free from the clutches of a record label and they are definitely better for it.

Hot on the heels of a new record entitled Gold, set to drop on February 28th, The Stone Foxes are back with a vengeance. With a rejuvenated lead singer and many familiar faces returning to the band this tour, The Stone Foxes are on track to have one of their best years yet.

Landing in our beautiful valley on Thursday, February 27th at The Applegate Lodge, this show is definitely not to be missed. Put on your dancing shoes, grab a beverage and prepare for a wonderful evening with The Stone Foxes.

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