Friday the 13th Town Hall

Submitted by Darc O’Brien

ASHLAND – On March 13, State Senator Jeff Golden and State Representative Pam Marsh will be coming to SOU for the Town Hall to hear about the issues students face. Whether that be tuition, the environmental crisis or something as serious as sexual assault, they are coming to listen and take those voices back to Salem in the next session. This is also why OSPIRG and OSA are registering students to vote, as it’s another way to ensure your voice is heard! 

Location: Elmo’s inside Stevenson Union

Date/Time: March 13 5:30pm-7:30pm  

Our elected officials are currently preparing for the upcoming legislative session, where they will make the next round of decisions. Attending the town hall with other students is one of the best chances you’ll have to have a say in that process without heading up to Salem.

Decisions that Marsh and Golden make will impact students, so this Town Hall is students’ chance to help shape what legislature focuses on across the state in the next two years. By attending, you will be directly telling your representatives what you believe their top priorities should be. You will be helping decide what they fight for.

By joining OSPIRG and OSA in this opportunity, you’re joining a state-wide network and campus-wide coalition of students helping other students fight for what they believe in and putting on events like these. For any questions, students can contact either Johanna at or Darc at   

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