A Rock n’ Roll Affair at the Applegate Lodge

Photo by Autumn Micketti

The Stone Foxes are a roots-rock pop band from San Francisco, California. Their music is full of uplifting energies, fuzzy bass lines and some pure down-home nasty blues. After interviewing Shannon Koehler a few weeks ago, I have to admit I was very anxious to finally see this band live. After brief introductions before the show, that anxiety quickly shifted to an overwhelming sense of camaraderie. Shannon was absolutely beaming despite a grueling day of travel, and was excited about what the evening had in store for us.

From the first foot in the door, this show was shaping up to be something special. Accompanied by a plethora of friends, I knew that we were all in for a treat. The room was crackling with palpable energy at soundcheck and the doors had barely been open five minutes. After a tasty local beer at the bar and another run-in with the band, the show was ready to start. What initially began as a rock band playing a small venue transitioned into an intimate barnburner of a blues show. At an early point during their first set, Shannon exclaimed, “We may be a small crowd tonight but we can definitely be mighty,” and that was absolutely the case.

Photo by DJ Kantner

The luxury of a small crowd in a venue like the Applegate Lodge is the unmitigated interactions with the band. From Shannon having the crowd huddle up for their folk-tinged classic “Stomp” or the almost-sermon like gospel during songs like “I Want Gold”, this show absolutely ran the gamut. Songs like “City on the Water” and “Young Man” filled the room with screaming guitars that definitely turned a few heads.

The highlight of the evening was the scorching rendition of “I’m A King Bee”. From the wailing guitars to the percussion freak-outs to the fuzz radiating from the bass cab, this jam had it all. The Stone Foxes closed out this wondrous event with a two dynamite covers: Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight” and Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” which sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy.

As the house lights came up and the congregation was heading out the door, I couldn’t help but feel like something truly enchanting had just taken place.

The Stone Foxes new EP “Gold” is out now on all streaming services. Give it a spin and support these talented blues-rock magicians!

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