ASSOU Meeting Recap, February 2nd

Photo courtesy of ASSOU

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd – Speaker of the House Violet Crain called the meeting of the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University (ASSOU) to order at 6:01pm, February 2nd. The Agenda and Minutes were adopted with no objections. The Speaker thanked senators for sending constructive criticism and general feedback, which she was thankful for.

ASSOU President Niko Hatch reported that he was in the middle of interviewing for director absences, which he would present to those assembled next week. He issued a single executive order creating a new statewide lobbying committee. Hatch also talked a little bit about the growing shift of many classes to hybridization.

Judicial reported that all committees for winter and spring were fully sat with justices. Other then that, not much to discuss.

Administration reported two new hires to be presented next week, the Coordinators of New Student Programs and Clubs Organizations and Events respectively. Both will start on February 22nd.

OSPIRG discussed the success of their 100% clean electricity petition and the upcoming lobby week.

RHH recently opened Distance Diamonds applications.

Finally, they opened discussion on the Approval of Student Fee Recommendation. After reviewing its effects and debating, they passed the motion 10-0-1.

Open Forum discussed a new board game sharing program and the eco-brick initiative, before the meeting was adjourned at 6:34pm.

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