Compete in the Student Recreation Center’s Dog Show

Photo courtesy of the Student Recreation Center

If you’re an SOU student and have a dog or are a dog lover, then the Rec Center has the event for you. Starting February 1st, the Rec Center is holding a virtual dog show on their social media. The Siskiyou interviewed Celina Ramirez, who is helping to lead the event.

Tell us about the dog show and what inspired it?

Basically, people send in pictures of their dogs for specific categories and then we have our Instagram followers vote for which dog they believe exemplifies that category. We are putting on this event because the rec center closed and we need COVID safe ways to interact with our community. We came up with lots of virtual programming ideas and the dog show is one of them. 

Is it just for SOU students?

The dog show is giving priority to student entries, but we are allowing faculty and staff to enter as well. 

How can I sign up?

All you have to do is email me at and request to register your dog. 

How long does the dog show last?

The dog show is eight weeks long and we are doing two categories per week. We start Monday, February 1st and we will do it every Monday until March 22nd. 

What future events can we look forward to?

There will hopefully be more events like this in the future. A lot of the student leads have really fun projects that are coming up. I hope we can continue to do virtual programming and maybe continue the dog show next year!

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