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Davis Secures Presidency Under Probationary Measures

Davis Secures Presidency Under Probationary  Measures

An additional grievance filed by Emily Pfeiffer and Ricardo Lujan-Valerio against the Election Committee’s ruling on Monday night which eliminated 41 votes for Colin Davis and Tyler Takeshita, was invalidated by the Associate Students of Southern Oregon University Judicial Branch on Thursday. An in depth discussion on the proper interpretation of the student government’s bylaws […]

Davis Retains Presidency…for now

Davis Retains Presidency…for now

A hearing on Monday evening in regards to a grievance filed against presidential elect Colin Davis and running mate Tyler Takeshita for breaking campaigning rules, resulted in the two losing votes, but as of now, they retain their claim to office. After considering the grievance, ASSOU’s elections committee deemed that Davis and Takeshita had in […]

Debate Heats up Student Elections

Thursday’s debate was the last chance for student candidates running for ASSOU President to prove their worth before the elections scheduled for next week, and fire up their supporters May 27 race. The result was a courteous yet sometimes contentious contrast between Andrew Ensslin, an experienced leader of the Student Senate, and Promise Grace, Director […]

ASSOU President Hassan Harris Responds to ASSOU Charges of Summer Session Ethics and Violations; Is Cleared of All Violations

President Harris Response to Judicial Investigation F-2-11: Investigation of Summer Session Ethics and Violations  NOTE: ASSOU President Hassan Harris has since been cleared of any and all charges. Opening Statement: Each of the following charges against me, even if found to be true and accurate, I do not believe are impeachable offences, on their own or […]