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Campus Political Round-Up. Do Students Care?

Campus Political Round-Up. Do Students Care?

Creating transparency between the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University and the average Red Raider is one of the top priorities for presidential candidate Torii Uyehara and her running mate Jane Silva. While some political leaders like Sal Esquivel, Kelly Townsend and others at the state and senate level have obtained degrees from Southern Oregon […]

The Winterfest Carnival And Murder Mystery Event Was Larger Than Ever Before.

  Last Thursday night’s Snow Fiesta events included the Club Winterfest Carnival and the Murder at the Ski Lodge dinner event.               The Club Winterfest Carnival was attended by twenty-five of SOU’s student clubs, who came with booths, games, food and signup sheets.     Among the various offerings at Winterfest the French Club […]

Poetry Contest: SOU’s Campus Theme on Race

The Honors College at Southern Oregon University in partnership with The Institute for New Writing Ashland ( INWA) is sponsoring a poetry contest centered on this year’s campus theme of RACE. The poetry contest is open to all SOU students, one entry per contestant, in however many words and in whichever style, with the first […]

New Dawn for SOU Housing

With wind whipping through the small crowd gathered between the new halls of Shasta and McLaughlin, college President Mary Cullinan lifted a pair of giant scissors, and began a new era for Southern Oregon University and the city of Ashland. With the culmination of three years of construction and financing, the ribbon cutting ceremony was […]

Potential pub on campus.

For an otherwise attractive tourist town, Ashland falls flat with weekend nightlife. The administration at Southern Oregon University has heard the student’s cries of boredom, and are suggesting an interesting solution of building a coffee shop by day and a pub by night. In a student wide email last week, SOU’s Senior Information Officer Brad […]