ASSOU Jan 5 Meeting Recap

The first meeting of the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University started when the Speaker of the House, Violet Crain, called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 5.

The first item discussed was a grievance about the minutes from Dec. 8, 2020, which was voted to be tabled until next week, while the motion to suspend the minutes from Dec. 15, 2020, was also voted on. Both motions were passed 9-0-1.

New ASSOU President Niko Hatch welcomed the meeting and spoke about creating a Proctoring Software Taskforce, and is looking for a student to sit in on that committee. The presiding ASSOU Justice, Monica Benton, spoke of hiring a new justice soon and, as of writing, has now heard applicants for the position this past Friday, Jan. 8.

The cabinet had nothing to add, while RHA yielded the floor.

Danielle Mancuso, Director of Student Activities, discussed upcoming events to welcome new students to campus, such as physically distanced events and activities and getting them acquainted with the Ashland area. Mancuso also brought forth two new positions to Student Life, the First Year Committee, which seeks to help first-year students and aims to bring back the SOU Mentor Program, and the Clubs, Organizations, and Events Committee.

Alexandra Szabo, the OSPIRG Chapter Chair at SOU, spoke about the different events going on in OSPIRG, such as the recruitment drive and the 100% renewable energy campaign, for which the organization has been collecting petition signatures. OSPIRG is also relaunching their affordable textbooks campaign, which includes providing a course catalog so students can look up what textbooks they’ll need for the term and see what other options there are to getting them.

The primary business of the night was the new appointment of the Gender Sexuality and Equity Senator. After voting to pass the motion on interviewing applicants 9-0-1, the Senate created a breakout room and interviewed two potential candidates. After, the Senate came back into the main room and announced the new Gender Sexuality and Equity Senator, Lenora Owens. Owens then took the oath of office after the announcement.

The Senate also said that they were looking for a new International Senator and did not appoint one during the meeting as they had no new applicants. The senators were encouraged to reach out and see if students would be interested in the position. Interested students can apply here.

After a few reminders, the meeting was adjourned at 6:57 pm.

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