Niko Hatch Becomes the ASSOU President

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Editors’ Note: The following article is a message from the new ASSOU President Niko Hatch.

Hello SOU Community,

My name is Niko Hatch, and as of this past December 8th I am now your new ASSOU President. My predecessor Sarah Grulikowski has decided to withdraw from the position. I would like to extend my thanks from the student body to Sarah Grulikowski for her leadership and guidance through the beginning of this year and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. 

As her Vice President I assumed the office upon her withdrawal, and a new Vice President was elected from within the ASSOU body. I would like to extend congratulations to Andrew Zucker for being appointed the new ASSOU Vice President, and we both look forward to serving you as your student leaders.

Additionally, Mya Ryan, the ASSOU Speaker of Senate has also withdrawn from her position due to her graduation. We congratulate Mya on her degree and graduation from SOU and wish her luck as she begins this next chapter of her life. The new Speaker of Senate was also elected from within the body on Tuesday, and I would like to extend my congratulations to Violet Crain for her appointment to the position of Speaker.

There are additional vacancies with the ASSOU body in every branch, and we are looking for qualified and passionate students to join us. All applications will be open until Monday, January 4th, 2021, and interviews will be scheduled on an individual basis by the respective heads of each branch.

Executive Branch:

Director of Multicultural Affairs – The Director of Multicultural Affairs shall work with the many multicultural student organizations on campus to assist in their activities and activism. The director shall meet regularly with the Equity Coordinator for Racial Justice and attend the Multicultural Coalition meetings. They help represent the many multicultural groups on our campus and are their advocate within the executive branch of ASSOU 

Link to apply: ASSOU Director of Multicultural Affairs Application 2020-2021

Contact for questions: Niko Hatch ASSOU President 

Legislative Branch:

Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity Senator – The Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity Senator serves as the voice for LGBT+ students on campus and is persistent in the fight for gender equality. They represent these groups within all Senate meetings, discussions, and decisions. Additionally, they work closely with the Equity Coordinator for Gender and Sexuality Justice and the Social Justice and Equity Center.

Link to apply: GenSex Application 

Contact for questions: ASSOU Senate 

Judicial Branch:

Associate Justice – As an Associate Justice, you will help interpret the governing docs and official ASSOU bylaws, sit on committees, work with the other two branches on proposals, hear grievances filed against members of ASSOU, and work on any other projects that might fall under the umbrella of Judicial.

Link to apply: ASSOU Associate Justice Application 2020-21

Contact for questions: Quinn Youngs ASSOU Chief Justice 

At-Large Students:

At-Large Students – Want to manage a multi-million dollar budget, help change the cost of college, help run school elections, advise the Stevenson Union or Rec Center? You can! ASSOU is recruiting at-large students to do this work. This is a great way to try out student government while also getting resume-ready experience sure to make you competitive for internships, work, or graduate school.

Link to apply: ASSOU At-Large Student Application 

Contact for questions: Niko Hatch ASSOU President 

Tuition Advisory Council – The Tuition Advisory Council (TAC) is Southern Oregon University’s official advisory group charged with reviewing and recommending tuition and fee proposals each year, prior to their submission to the President and Board of Trustees. The Tuition Advisory Committee is looking for traditionally underrepresented students to sit on this committee.

Link to apply: ASSOU At-Large Student Application 

Contact for questions: @Niko Hatch ASSOU President 

I understand that these changes are sudden, but we as your student leaders within ASSOU will always strive to keep the interests of the student body at heart and will be available to any student with questions or concerns that they may have. I hope your finals week is going well, and I wish you all luck with the rest of your exams. 

All the best,
Niko Hatch
President | Associated Students of Southern Oregon University (ASSOU)

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