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Counter Review: “Mr. Burns”

Counter Review: “Mr. Burns”

What follows is a review by student writer Darwin Garrett. The views do not represent the editorial opinions or content of The Siskiyou or Southern Oregon University. I am not opposed to reviews of Southern Oregon University (SOU) theater productions. To the contrary: more people should have the courage to share their thoughts on what […]

Advice: Ask Andrew

Advice: Ask Andrew

Help Andrew! I looked at my SOU tuition breakdown and I’m paying for the student rec center. I’m a senior and it isn’t even built! Why am I paying for it? Thx ConcernedStudent67 ConcernedStudent67, I’m glad you asked, many SOU students are asking the same thing. Right now all students are paying their rec center […]

Letter to the editor: be there for a friend

By Judith Rosen, Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team development director. The Women’s Resource Center just gave SOU students a huge gift.  They donated proceeds from their production of The Vagina Monologues to support the free services of the Jackson County SART (Sexual Assault Response Team). How does this affect you? None of us likes […]

Editorial: ASSOU Vice President Comment on LegCon 2012 in Washington, D.C.

ASSOU Vice President Amanda Stucke and ASSOU President Hassan Harris, along with 9 SOU students, attended the annual USSA Grassroots Legislative Conference and Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. Every year, the students of the organization put on a rally, and this year, it was in front of the Sallie Mae building. We were rallying there […]

Feminist Frequency comes to SOU; Anita Sarkeesian Talks about Feminism in Popular Culture

Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the Feminist Frequency blog, will be giving a presentation on March 15 in the Stevenson Union to talk about strong female characters throughout pop culture history. Sarkeesian is a feminist pop culture media critic. Her self-produced series of online videos, “Feminist Frequency”, is a commentary on culture and media from the […]

ASSOU President Hassan Harris Responds to ASSOU Charges of Summer Session Ethics and Violations; Is Cleared of All Violations

President Harris Response to Judicial Investigation F-2-11: Investigation of Summer Session Ethics and Violations  NOTE: ASSOU President Hassan Harris has since been cleared of any and all charges. Opening Statement: Each of the following charges against me, even if found to be true and accurate, I do not believe are impeachable offences, on their own or […]

Engagement Announcement: SOU Student Jorden Nielsen to wed Brooke Evans

Engagement Announcement: SOU Student Jorden Nielsen to wed Brooke Evans

The Oregon State Beavers may have lost to Stanford on November 5, 2011, but Southern Oregon University (SOU) student Jorden Nielsen won the hand of Brooke Evans, an alumna of Oregon State University, when Nielsen proposed during the game. Nielsen, a former kicker for the SOU Raiders, surprised his bride-to-be with a formal proposal in […]

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Submit a brief statement (100 words or less) on why Pabst Blue Ribbon is a true gentleman’s drink. Please keep submissions tasteful (no pun intended). Winning submission will be immortalized in the hallowed pages of The Siskiyou commentary section.  

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 26 through Oct. 3

Textbook Prices Just Aren’t Right As most people are well aware, the prices of college textbooks are increasing at a staggering rate. Most students pay anywhere from $300 to $900 per term for their textbooks. That’s just not right! Something must be done to change this! The good news is that there are various affordable […]