ASSOU Meeting Recap, October 5th, 2021

The meeting was called at 6:03PM with the land acknowledgment happening immediately after. The minutes were being written down throughout the meeting along with a video recording happening through Zoom. There were no objections given regarding the agenda for the meeting.

The Judicial Branch is currently looking to reinstate an open position in their branch, and are currently taking a survey for students on how the ASSOU could improve.

The ASSOU cabinet is presently working on getting access to the site to do PR and helped in hiring the new Director of Finance and Director of Administration for the ASSOU.

The administration reminded everyone that in-person classes return next week. However, that mask mandate and campus clearance to participate in events is still in place.

Campus Life and Housing is currently recruiting. All dorms on campus are looking for a President, Vice President, and Committee Members. Each dorm will have the President and Vice Presidents’ positions decided on by October 11th.

The Director of Clubs is currently seeking students to start new clubs this term.

Holly Gabriel of Open Educational Resources was a guest, who gave a presentation of OER’s accomplishments over the summer which included class schedules to show no course materials required, presenting textbook costs, and adding a link to the bookstore website on a class schedule page for Winter 2022. They are also in the process of developing a draft for textbook affordability. OER is currently looking for a student to join their advisory board.

Mason Healy-Patterson and Luke Williams gave an Ad-Hoc committee proposal. They are both looking for ways to address the lack of use of Navigate, especially among upper-class students. Both are looking to form an ASSOU Ad-Hoc committee to improve Navigate to encourage students to use the app more. If you have used Navigate, email Mason Healy-Patterson ( and Luke Williams ( with suggestions to improve the app.

There was the swearing on of two new ASSOU directors, Dallas Ransom (Director of Finance) and Tiana Gilliland (Director of Administration)

Rebekah Kenney was seeking the position of non-traditional senator and, after the interview, ASSOU unanimously voted Rebekah in as a non-traditional senator and was sworn into office.

ASSOU will be meeting back in person next Thursday at 4:30 PM in the Game Room inside the Stevenson Union. Students are welcome to come, meet with the ASSOU to suggest more fun on campus, and play games with them.

Next Thursday at 7:30 PM, there will be a Speed Friend event at the ASSOU lounge in the Stevenson Union. Come stop by and make lots of friends!

There was a discussion about the future ASSOU meetings, questioning whether there should be a hybrid meeting option that takes place both on Zoom and in person. Next Tuesday, the ASSOU meeting will be online, which will be when they decide how future meetings will proceed.

ASSOU is currently looking for a Director of Government Affairs.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 PM.

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