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Happiness and Health: Transitioning To In-Person Learning

After over a year and a half of online learning, SOU students and staff are transitioning to in-person classes on October 11, 2021. 

While this may bring a sense of excitement to most students, you may feel worried about this new shift to your schedule. Below are some tips to keep you happy and healthy as we take this big step into in-person learning once again.

Masks Are Mandatory

Masks are required in all SOU buildings, including your classrooms. Be sure to wear a mask that fits securely around your nose and mouth without any open gaps on the sides. You may also want to bring an extra mask with you to class, just in case your original one breaks or malfunctions.

Keep Time On Your Side

Because you can’t just roll out of bed and hop on Zoom to attend your classes, do your best to budget your time to ensure you aren’t late. Take into account meal times, the time it takes to commute, and any ways that weather could slow you down.

It’s also important to allocate time for studying every day. Projects, assignments, and readings can pile up quickly, so use a physical or digital planner to keep you on track and relaxed. 

Plan Your Meals

If you have long classes that take up most of your day, you likely won’t have time to stop at The Hawk for a quick lunch. Pack water and a few snacks, or a light meal to help fight off hunger and keep yourself focused. If you do have time to go to the Hawk between classes, consider buying a to-go box: pay $7 now and receive a to-go box that you can have washed by the dining staff, and gain access to these boxes time and time again. 

Don’t want to make your own food? You can now order ahead at The Landing and Einstein Bro’s Bagels! Simply download the free Transact Mobile Order App, select Southern Oregon University as your school, and place your order. Payment can be made through your credit card or with Raider Cash. 

Not sure where your next meal will be coming from? The SOU Student Food Pantry offers pre-made 10-item bags once a week to a wide variety of current students. Visit this link to apply for food pantry benefits. 

Know Your Limits

It can be easy to overwhelm yourself with homework, projects, and studying, especially if you’re one of many students who haven’t experienced a “normal” school setting in nearly two years. 

Now is the time to focus on finding a balance between productivity and taking care of yourself through relaxation or rejuvenation. Learn about on-campus clubs and events that you can take part in through SOU Presence

One of the most helpful resources on campus to address your mental health needs is the Student Health and Wellness Center: “If you would like to schedule a counseling appointment, please contact the SHWC front desk at 541-552-6136 during business hours.” The Student Health and Wellness Center is located at 560 Indiana Street and is open 8 am-5 pm Monday to Friday.

Best of luck to all of our students, faculty, and staff who are making this momentous step into a new normal. 

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