ASSOU Meeting Recap February 22nd 2022

Image Credit Southern Oregon University

The ASSOU meeting held on February 22nd, 2022 was called into motion at 6:01 PM. There were no objections given to the meeting agenda. 

The meeting opened with various members of ASSOU giving their reports on what they had done over this last week. Newly-appointed ASSOU Senate Speaker Keeley Reiners is continuing to give one on one meetings with each member of ASSOU. The executives of ASSOU had finalized their plans for the elections committee and met with the newly-appointed SOU President Dr. Bailey and his cabinet in regards to certain matters on campus. One thing ASSOU learned is that the cabinet is in the early stages of deciding if SOU’s mask mandate should end alongside Oregon’s plans to end mask mandates by March 31st. The Judicial Branch will have their bylaws committee meeting Thursday at 5:30 PM; currently, they are looking for another associate justice. Next week the administration will be giving gift cards to students who are wearing masks in the library. RHA reported that the Regional Business conference was last week, and Alison Beck of Student Housing had won a service award for 10 years of service. RHA also stated that Pancake Feed is coming up and they are looking for volunteers to help cook for the event. The Director of Clubs reported they had just got done with budget requests and a club leadership meeting was planned. The Director of Athletics had gone over the various games happening this week, as well as how three people on the wrestling men’s team made nationals with the women’s team set to compete for nationals soon. For committee updates, a multicultural event is happening next week.

For old business, ASSOU talked about the planned town hall on February 23rd. During the town hall, students can give ideas to improve campus and have their questions and concerns addressed, especially in regards to the recent emails about sexual assaults on campus. Soon tabling will be held to bring new students into ASSOU for fall 2022, but no dates have been finalized yet.

As for new business, the elections committee had a meeting last week in which they decided elections to be held over five weeks in spring term from April 24th to May 29th, in order to relieve some of the stress they felt while handling the elections committee. To be a member of the election committee, applications will be held from April 24th to May 8th. Materials need to be submitted to the committee during the week of May 8th to May 14th with the last two weeks being campaigning, and voting will be done from the week of May 22nd to May 29th. 

During the open form and announcements, the director of student activities Danielle Mancuso mentioned wanting ASSOU to engage more with students about the importance and greatness that ASSOU brings to the school. ASSOU Non-Traditional, Military Affairs & Higher Education Center Senator Bekah Kenney mentioned that next week, the The Next Best Thing improv group will be having their final show of the term. Director of clubs Julissa Taitano gave a reminder that the final Pub Night of the term will be on Thursday the 24th and will be a bingo-themed event. Multicultural Affairs Senator Taham Khosrobadi mentioned that he worked with public safety to fix a crosswalk in between Ashland Street and Siskiyou Boulevard. 

This week’s ASSOU meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.

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