Pub Night with a Side of Improv

The Next Best Thing Improv Troupe. Photo Credit Sören Smithrud

The event of the month was on On October 28th at Southern Oregon University, where they put on a night of drinking, merriment, and improv, overseen by Director of Activities of Student Life and the Stevenson Union Danielle Mancusco. A 21+ function giving students a safe space to drink alcoholic drinks and socialize with others, and with safety precautions set for students and staff, this was set to be a night worth enjoying.

The evening began slowly with quiet music, snacks, and a small bar. The drinks were $5 each with such options as IPA’s, White Claws, and red and white wines, and to keep the party goers safe there was a three drink limit. There was a table of free chips and snacks, as well as food offered to buy such as fries and nachos. 

Pub Night participants. Photo Credit Sören Smithrud

When asked how the students felt about a 21+ event, they answered with “It’s a limited resource in the community” and “I want to see more of these, they’re really fun”. 

This event not only had drinks to share with good company but also laughter with a live improv show. The Next Best Thing is the local student run improv team of Southern Oregon University, and this was their first live show in 20 months. It was a surprise to a cacophony of actors enter the stage. Though they were a large group each one showed off their talents for comedy, and once the show started it only took a minute for them to get the audience roaring in a non stop laughter. 

The Next Best Thing Improv members play a silly game. Photo Credit Sören Smithrud

The event was an overall success for all involved. A setting of community over an activity known for its social engagement brought people together during this time of distance and safety. When ask why they wanted to put on Pub Night, Danielle replied, “I hope that by having these regularly it lets people come and decompress, and we hope to put them on monthly.” It was a marvelous show with even better company with, and students can’t wait many more events like it to ensue.

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