Coco Campfire: A Night of Hot Chocolates

Image Credit Epic Events Instagram

SOU’s Epic Events decided to kick off February 2022 with an event that took place on the evening of the first day of the month. The event was held at Raider village right in between the Shasta and McLoughlin dorms. The people that attended the event were able to line up and get some chocolate and the tools needed to make s’mores; lasting two hours from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, the event was certainly a memorable one for those that attended.

During those cold winter nights like the start of February, an event like this is something that a lot of students could need. As we are approaching mid-terms and registration for classes, a night like this one gives students the chance to come together and relax. Right outside of Mcloughlin hall, a few dozen students came together for a night of smores and hot chocolate. 

Beginning at 6:30 PM, dozens of students began to line up for the first dibs on not just the hot chocolate and s’mores, but also coffee mugs that were given away by Epic. Throughout the night the event planners kept running out of coffee mugs. Each time they went back to get some more they had different designs such as snowman-themed ones, to panda bears, to even ones with Epic’s logo. These coffee mugs had been constantly cycled through as students were able to take them with them for their drink and even keep them. Though paper cups were offered for those not interested in the coffee mugs, the table also provided paper cups for the hot chocolate. Right next to it there was the table for handing out s’mores. A metal rod was provided to everyone along with the graham crackers, marshmallows, and the Hershey’s chocolate bars for the students to prepare the cooking of s’mores. 

Several small barbecues were set up for the smores. Once we got the ingredients and tools, we went to one of these four barbecues and cooked the marshmallows until they were ready to be turned into a s’more. During the cooking and the s’mores, students would sit around the fire and hang out. Games were being played at some of these areas such as UNO or charades in another area. Students from all across campus, especially those living in the dorms, gathered together to meet both old and new friends of theirs. Events like these are always great to have, as even with the omicron variant, it’s still great to see events like this happen on campus. 

That said though, the night Coco Campfire took place was very cold ranging from as high as 45 degrees to as low as 30 degrees. It wasn’t all too common to hear students talking about how their hands and/or feet were freezing throughout the event. Even with a few campfires set around at the event due to all the s’mores-making, it was still very cold for us to attend. Though if you were taking pictures of the event and tagged SOU Epic’s account on Instagram you could be entered into a raffle and possibly win a free iPad. 

Coco Campfire was a fun night for those that attended the event. Despite the cold weather and the worrying presence of the omicron variant, the event was a blast for those who attended. It was a nice time for all of us students together to just have a night of fun especially since we are in the calm before the storm that is mid-terms and registering for spring 2022 classes. If you are interested in future events SOU and Epic Events are hosting just check out the presence page. 

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