ASSOU 5/24/2022 Recap

The meeting started at 6:01 PM with no objections to the agenda, and was then followed by the land of acknowledgment. First was the approval for the ASSOU minutes meeting on the 10th.

The town hall meeting was on May 25th. The speaker would be checking tonight to see if everyone’s transition materials are in the Google drive. Judicial mention that elections have concluded, and the results went to everyone’s emails yesterday. OSPRIG had mentioned they had their springboard meeting last Sunday and decided that the leadership campaign would be focusing on creating new voters and were able to send 150 petitions to the governor’s office. RHA mentioned that the pancake feed would be next week. For clubs, the Samoa club will be hosting a Fiafia night next Friday, and the club boards of advisor’s plan to have a leadership event to prepare new club leaders for the fall. In addition, OER (Open Education Resources) has a 70% attach rate for new students incoming in the fall. For executive updates, they will have one more executive branch meeting for this school year and are wrapping up transition materials by next Wednesday. In addition, the sexual violence prevention committee meets tomorrow, and the heads of government are planning events for all ASSOU this Sunday. There were twenty-seven write-ins in during the elections, and while none of them won, they were encouraged to apply for the open positions.

The MOU for the Student Recreation Center, which helps provide all the SRC resources and funding, held a vote to pass it. The vote went 4 in favor, 0 against, and one is abstaining. They went through more bylaw changes, with section 13 for submitting grievances to the Judicial being one of the areas that had changed to make it clearer to file a grievance toward a justice. The vote for these changes was 4 in favor, 0 against, and one abstain. Section 8 had changed when it comes to the warnings for ASSOU officers to be more in line with the judicial rules and give officers the right to appeal official decisions within one week after the filling date. The vote to pass this section was 4 in favor, 0 against, and one abstain.

For new businesses, they continued with the bylaw changes, focusing on sections 12, 15, and 16. The first update was handling officer pronouns; now, ASSOUs don’t have to state their pronouns, and officers shall respect and not take up space when a fellow officer is speaking. Overall, the focus of these changes was to make it more airtight and give more simple wording to a lot of the sections in the bylaws. The vote for section 12 went 4, 0, and 1. In section 15, most of the changes were for the changes to the chief justice hiring, which saw a more streamlined process for hiring a new chief justice and made it more in line with hiring new ASSOU officers. As well as give an ASSOU senate member the seat of the chief justice, which will remain empty until the end of the academic year; Additionally, they will serve as temporary chief justice until a new chief is seated.

The vote for section 15 again went 4, 0, and 1. Section 16 is a new section that creates an appeals committee to give more support and help to a judicial and make sure there is a slight bias there is to the judicial branch when it comes to providing warnings and firing to ASSOU officers. The vote once again went 4, 0, 1. They also wanted to make small changes to the travel section of ASSOU; for example, the budget committee now handles the travel budget for ASSOU rather than the student fee committee. The vote again went 4, 0, 1. They also went through proposal 21, which is a process to help handle specific drives like blood drives; this would give check-ins if the student still wants a blood drives ban and keep the resolution if they still want to have hand dryers to dry hands in the Stevenson Union. The vote again went 4, 0, 1. Then we have a proposal 22, which would get rid of the clarification of the organizations that ASSOU as it is redundant to have. The vote went 4, 0, 1. Then we have section 23 for record-keeping. Which cleans up their Google drive and helps keeps things in the ASSOU drive more organized. The vote again went 4, 0, 1. The final section was for bylaws reorganization, which would be a pre-approval of all organization’s edits and reorganizes the bylaws.

Those in ASSOU who have questions for the new chief justice should send those questions to the senate speaker by next Sunday at 6:00 PM. Finally, prom is happening on June 4th at the Stevenson Union.

The adjournment was at 7:16 PM.

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