Small Batch Craft Brewers – A Mother Daughter Duo

Kombucha is one of the most popular drinks in not only Oregon but Ashland, many people here on campus are avid kombucha drinkers themselves. Portland, Oregon is the town with the most overall sales of kombucha, seventy-eight times higher than cities like L.A. and New York. The drink is quickly expanding across Oregon and an increased number of companies are forming and creating this deliciously healthy drink. In the rogue valley, there is an up-and-coming business that makes their own locally crafted home brewed kombucha. Moxie Brew. 

The CEO’s and founders of Moxie Brew are Lisa and Alyssa Brown, a mother-daughter duo from Phoenix, Oregon started their company in 2020 during Covid. Nurse Lisa Brown wanted an outlet during all the unknown we were all facing, daughter Alyssa wanted to use her experience for she went to OSU for agricultural management and had always wanted to own and manage her own business. The two then began to experiment with fermentation, cheese, beer, wine, you name it. They ended up trying to brew and ferment their own kombucha and they realized that was where their true passion lies.  

They have made it an exceptionally long way from where they began so far in fact that in 2023 spring, they are opening their own tap room and eatery in Phoenix, Oregon. Do not fret my friends for you do not have to wait all that time to get your hands on some Moxie Brew. There are several restaurants in Ashland that has their sensational brews on tap, such as Gils located at 175 N north Pioneer St. Ashland OR, Skout Taphouse and Provisions located at 21 Winburn way Ashland OR, as well as Growler Guys located at 345 Lithia Way Ashland OR. There are other restaurants throughout southern Oregon. You can find more information on their Instagram @moxie_kombucha and their Facebook page @moxiebrewkombucha as well as their website 

All their kombucha comes from organic juices and locally sourced herbs and spices. It is gluten-free, vegan as well as no added sugar. The kombucha is also full of probiotics that are great for gut health. Moxie Brew sells more than just kombucha. They also have vinegars; they make the vinegar by taking their kombucha and letting it age over time until it becomes vinegar. Along with the vinegar they also sell Scoby, which is a kit to make and brew your own kombucha, they sell them at black bird and the Ashland food co-op, it gives you the opportunity to make your own beverage and its simple and fun and in seven to ten days you will have your very own home brewed kombucha.  

You can find Moxie brew at the Tuesday and the Saturday market, the Tuesday market is from 9:00am-1:30pm located on our very own SOU campus, 1554 Webster Street, the Saturday market is at 8:30am-1:00pm located at oak and east main street downtown Ashland. Then last but certainly not least there is growler fill Friday, an event which Moxie Brew holds every Friday at their phoenix location 106 East First Street Phoenix, Oregon. On growler fill Friday they partner with local food trucks such as harpers ice cream, Wasama Thai food, and many more. The prices for these delectable drinks are 5 dollars for a cup but if you bring your own to fill you will get a dollar off. There are two growlers to choose from a 64oz growler which is 22 dollars or 17 dollars to refill, or the 32oz growler which is 17 dollars to purchase or 9 dollars to refill. The vinegar is 10 dollars a bottle.  

Do not forget to try some of the most popular flavors such as blueberry orange cream, passionfruit, and passion mint, cherry vanilla rose, strawberry lavender, blackberry apple spice, and many other flavors, and every week there are new flavors to try. 

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