The Hannon Library Writing Center

The Hannon Library is a wonderful resource for students, new and experienced. Whether people are studying for a midterm or looking for reliable research, there are places within the library meant for each student. One resource in specific is just beyond the front doors and over to the right, this is the Writing Center. A large sign adorns this spot on the adjacent window making it hard to miss. Its calming, ambient lighting and comfortable environment makes it an inviting place to receive help as an SOU student.  

The Writing Center is a beneficial place to receive help from peers that are trained to give students feedback and a second set of eyes when it comes to any kind of writing assignment, small or large. Librarian Melissa Anderson informed The Siskiyou that this can be more than just an overall glance, tutors will offer to help those pinpoint smaller things too. This could consist of developing a thesis, editing a draft, incorporating sources, and more. Students who work within the Writing Center may specialize in different kinds of writing and be able to help students with varying aspects such as developing a lab report or crafting a creative writing piece. As opposed to intentionally correcting or editing their work, tutors will work with students to target the issues they are facing with the assignment. Requesting help from a professor can be a daunting experience for some, the Writing Center is here for student support and aims to assist with any writing needs. 

Hours for the Writing Center vary daily depending on which tutors are available. If students are looking for a list of drop-in hours, they are found posted both in the Hannon Library tutoring center and on the Hannon Library website. While visiting the Hannon Library website, students can access the Writing Center page under the “Tutoring Services” tab. Here, students in need can make an appointment to ensure that they will see the tutor that is most suitable for their current writing needs. This option allows students to specify what they hope to accomplish within the meeting, whether they would prefer a twenty-five or fifty-five minute appointment, and which student they would prefer to meet with. A list along the right side of the page lists what each student’s skills are/how they may be able to help the students. Students can also access the list of appointment policies on this page, allowing them to prepare and understand Writing Center etiquette. 

Being within the walls of Hannon for years, the Writing Center is designed specifically to help students on campus. If students find themselves struggling with a writing project, don’t be afraid to give it a shot. A second set of eyes is never too much when it comes to education and grades! It is welcoming of all majors, ages, and levels of mastery. So the next time someone is struggling with a paper or needing a second glance on what they’ve written, they can stop by the Writing Center! 

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