ASSOU Recap Mar. 7

The final ASSOU meeting of the Winter term. Time flies.

Starting the meeting out, the SFBC approved the $17 student budget increase from the last ASSOU meeting. The fee will then be brought to the Senate for approval, and once that is passed, the proposed fee increase will be brought to the Board of Trustees and President Bailey. 

There will be a trip to Salem on April 19th where student governments from many state schools will be advocating for higher school funding.

The SOU Forward Document has been released to the public, allowing anyone to view President Bailey’s proposed realignment plan, from academic and student affairs, to finance and administration.

NRHH is hosting the Cram Jam on March 15th for students to cram for finals week, have a late-night breakfast, or even play games and destress. There will also be prizes to win. The event is being held on Wednesday, March 15th in the Hawk Dining Commons from 8-10pm. Student ID should be brought to the event to enter. 

ROTC Field training began at the Ashland Armory recently. ROTC is also preparing for the Bataan Memorial Death March to commemorate the lives lost during WWII. 

The Dean of Students Office reintroduced new members  and their role at the meeting:

Janelle Wilson (She/They) is the Associate Dean of Students and oversees the student conduct process.

Jason Piazza (He/Him) is the Benefits Navigator, helping students with financial help, food needs, and the like. 

John Pogue (He/Him) is one of the Care Coordinators, along with Madha, working through the CARES notes received from students.

Mehmood Madha is another Care Coordinator, along with Pogue, working through CARES notes and helping students find help on and off campus. Every Thursday in the SU’s Dankook Room, Madha hosts the Doodle and Destress event for students to relax.

When the DoS Office opened the discussion to questions, ASSOU wasted no time to ask away.

How has outreach been with the stigma of the Dean’s Office being only Student Conduct?

“The Dean goes out to many events on and off campus to reach out to students (Welcome Week, Campus events, Bridge and USEM classes/meetings), as well as reaching out to students looking to SOU for a graduate program. The Dean also reaches out to students’ families and lets them know the Dean’s Office is there to offer support.”

“We receive 5,000 CARES notes annually.” Wilson said.

How likely have students been to connect/take on the opportunity?

“75% of CARES notes sent out were opened by students, but whether or not they are being taken up by students is a lengthier challenge.”

“Initial outreach is formal, but help after is more approachable. Drop in appointments are always encouraged.”

How has outreach and support been for transfer students?

“They are an interesting group, as transfers are often reached out to during Freshmen Orientation, and transfer-student events don’t have much engagement. They are a very independent demographic to reach out to.”

Is every staff trained in our code of conduct?

“No, but we have training so they can understand the codes.”

Hypothetically, if faculty/staff broke code of conduct, how does the Dean of Students hold them accountable?

“The Student Code is just for students; faculty has their own Code of Conduct to follow. Students can bring faculty issues to the Dean of Students Office, and from there the issues will be taken to the proper resources (HR, Provost, etc).” 

The Dean of Students Office thanked ASSOU for their time, and ASSOU thanked the Dean of Students as the meeting came to an end. With the final ASSOU meeting of this spring term, take some time to relax in between your cramming for finals. 

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