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Oompa-Loompas Hit SOU Stage

Be prepared to see an Oompa-Loompa with your very own eyes and witness Violet blowing up into a blueberry.  The hunt for the “golden ticket” and the exciting events that follow will be available for your viewing pleasure right here at SOU.  The Department of Performing Arts theatrical presentation of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” […]

Review: “Our Town” is Simple, Classic, Good

You can’t put on a production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town without acknowledging – or at least knowing – that it’s a theatrical classic. Director Paul Barnes certainly must be well acquainted with that fact. His production of Our Town is a pure embrace of the qualities which make this play one of the most […]

“Our Town” Filled With Opportunities for Students

Southern Oregon University has the great pleasure of hosting  Our Town in the Center Stage Theater. The play will be showing from Nov. 14 until Nov. 16 and once again on Nov. 23 and 24. This will be one of the bigger plays coming to Ashland outside the Shakespeare festival. Featured in the play is […]

Exploring SOU’s “The White Fugue”

Southern Oregon University’s Department of Performing Arts is preparing to premier an original play this coming week in the Center Square Theatre, devised and directed by James Donlon. Opening Thursday November 7th, and running until Sunday November, 17th; The White Fugue promises to be a new discovery into the depths of memory, and poses a […]

Avenue Q Review

Editor’s Note: This is a more unconventional review. Tyler and his friend Zach Marshall reviewed SOU’s production of Avenue Q in a conversation form. Hope you enjoy it. Tyler: So, we just came out of the theater. Zach, what are your initial thoughts? Zach: It was just about everything I expected it would be. I […]

OSF: A Streetcar Named Desire Review

I think it would be safe to say that most people’s first exposure to Tennessee William’s masterful play A Streetcar Named Desire comes from the classic 1951 Elia Kazan film starring Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando. With such seminal performances already in the cultural conscious (Marlon Brando shouting “Stellaaaaaaaaaa!” anyone?), it would be difficult to erase predisposed […]

OSF 2013: My Fair Lady

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s new season is one for the ages. Multiple productions are underway, including some never-before-seen works and a few classic favorites. One such favorite is the beloved Lerner and Loewe musical My Fair Lady, which has been performed time and again since its 1956 Broadway premiere. OSF’s version, directed by Amanda Dehnert, […]

“The Cyrano Project” Chronicles the Most Friend-Zoned Man in History

Despite being written over one hundred years ago, the classic tale of Cyrano de Bergerac speaks to today’s audience. In this adaptation of the play (adapted by Jo Roet for the SOU Department of Performing Arts) a line describes the show’s protagonist as “the most delightful man under the sun”.  An equally accurate description would […]

Performing Arts Department Presents “The Cyrano Project”

Later this month, the SOU Department of Performing Arts will be showcasing, “The Cyrano Project”. This production is adapted by Jo Roet from original playwright Edmund Rostland, with Hilary Tate bringing in additional material. The original tale of Cyrano (a real-life dramatist and duelist) was written in 1897, and the Performing Arts Department hopes to […]

“Three Sisters” rough around the edges, but still powerful

If the self-portrayed character of Elizabeth Wurtzel from the autobiography “Prozac Nation” was fractured into multiple personalities and made into distinct characters and then translated into Russian, the result might be Allison Horsley’s contemporary English translation of an obscure Russian play called “Three Sisters.” “Three Sisters” is an exhausting play to watch. Not because it is boring or […]

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