Two new members join Ashland city council

Two new city council members emerged as election results came in Tuesday. Locally controversial council member Eric Navickas’ seat was up for re-election, but his position was taken by contractor Michael Morris in a roughly 65-35 landslide victory.

Before becoming a council member in 2006, Navickas was politically active in the community. He advocated for the right to be naked in public and opposed the Mt. Ashland expansion.

Morris has been on the county planning commission since 2007 and is an SOU alumni, He used his ability to identify with diverse groups of people within the community to express his belief that a city council exists to work for the people.

“We are doing the work for the citizens, doing the tasks they would like us to do,” Morris said at a council forum last month.

Also new to the council is SOU business professor Dennis Slattery, who defeated his opponent, semi-retired attorney Bruce Harrell in another landslide victory. Slattery, another SOU alumni, thinks his skills as a business professor will transfer well into his role as a council member.

“Business is the lifeblood of the community,” Slattery said, “What I do and what I’ve done is reach across the aisle and have discussions with people.”

Slattery will fill the position of outgoing councilor Kate Jackson, who has been on the council since 2002 and chose not to run for re-election.

Morris and Slattery will begin their positions on Jan. 1.

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