Feminist Frequency comes to SOU; Anita Sarkeesian Talks about Feminism in Popular Culture

Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the Feminist Frequency blog, will be
giving a presentation on March 15 in the Stevenson Union to talk about
strong female characters throughout pop culture history.
Sarkeesian is a feminist pop culture media critic. Her self-produced
series of online videos, “Feminist Frequency”, is a commentary on
culture and media from the perspective of a woman, feminist and
“fangirl”. Her research focuses on systems of privilege and oppression
and the representations of gender, race, sexuality and class in
culture. Her work, both academic and from her blog, is often used as
course material by various educational organizations, and Echo Fields,
the head of SOU’s sociology department has used Sarkeesian’s videos in
her curriculum for several years.
She will be giving a 2-hour lecture from 7-9 in Diversions in the
Stevenson Union on the 15th. There will be tabling throughout the day
in the lobby of the Union to advertize the lecture, provide Planned
Parenthood information, and put on Women’s History related games and
activities. The event is sponsored by ASSOU, with support from Campus
Theme: Civility, QRC, WRC, and the Sociology Dept.

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