Ariana Jacob brings a unique style of art to SOU

Ariana Jacob, an artist who does “social practice,” recently visited SOU.

Ariana Jacob, a participant in a new exhibition for the Schneider Museum of Art called Portland2012, is not your typical artist.

In late 2011 Jacob began touring the nation asking one simple question: “How expert do we need to be to figure out what is good for our country?”

Ariana speaks with SOU student and Co-Director of Ecos, Winston Friedman, about his political views.

Jacob referred to her project as a “public wondering,” reaching out to those with opposing views and offering a safe platform to engage conservative and libertarian points of view.

After looking at the electoral maps of Oregon, Jacob came to Ashland last Wednesday in order to seek out the conservative voices that in her experience of liberal communities oftentimes go unheard.

Ariana sets up her American flag-themed tent outside the Stevenson Union.

Rather than creating with pen or paintbrush as many of her peers do, her medium is conversation itself. It is an investigation into the life we share, and the differences that define us.

Ariana Jacob’s “Public Wondering” project comes from her genuine desire to understand other views, rather than engage in debate.

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