The new dorms right outside the McNeil Pavilion. (Karoline Curcin/The Siskiyou)

Artwork call for North Campus Village residence halls

The new dorms right outside the McNeil Pavilion. (Karoline Curcin/The Siskiyou)
The new dorms right outside the McNeil Pavilion. (Karoline Curcin/The Siskiyou)

LUX Studio Design, an art consulting company out of Texas, wants to buy your artwork to become part of the permanent collection displayed in the North Campus Village.

The Texas-based studio is accepting all types of artwork, including paintings, drawings, mixed media, collages, encaustics and sculpture, and encourages all Southern Oregon University students, faculty and graduates to take advantage of this great opportunity to showcase their artwork in the new residential halls.

“The larger range of selections we receive, the more diverse we are able to make the collection,” said Sasha Wytrwal, owner and co-founder of the studio.

The goal of the collection is to capture the essence of SOU and its surrounding landscape as much as possible.

“Creativity is encouraged and contemporary, abstract and unexpected work is absolutely welcome,” Wytrwal said. However, “the beauty of the Ashland area outdoors, nature and seasons is something we would like to bring inside the building.”

All artwork submitted will be considered and the selected pieces will be chosen based on size, style and how they work within the overall collection.

Once a work is selected for the collection, it will be purchased from the artist for a sum based on several factors including the type and size of the piece, the experience of the artist and whether the piece is an original or a print.

“We will typically establish a price with each artist, and then pay 50 percent to initiate the sale,” said Wytrwal. “Once the entire collection is installed, we will pay the remainder of the balance.”

Once the pieces are purchased they will thereafter be owned by the facility, not allowing any further reproduction of the work. The work will always be under the artist’s name however.

The studio has only received a small amount of submissions so far and they are hoping to receive much more within the next month.

“We hope to have all selections finalized by the beginning of June,” said Wytrwal, adding that it would be best to send in submissions as soon as possible.

Installation of the selected pieces is currently set for September 2013, in time for the new school year.

For more information or to submit your work, go to Include size information as well as any bios and notes that tie the work to SOU.

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