“Doctor Who” Celebrates 50 Years of Entertainment

photo via doctorwho.tv
photo via doctorwho.tv

For 50 years, Doctor Who has delighted fans, creating one of the largest television fan bases in history. At its beginning as a 5 part serial, the show was low budget and experimental, but the story of Doctor Who is one where charm prevails. In the spirit of shows like Star Trek or Twilight Zone, Doctor Who is about exploring ideas. What if we could go back to a time where Aztecs were thriving? How about traveling through a vacant white space?

Unlike many shows today, Doctor Who offers unbridled joy and childlike imagination. It works hard to achieve an air of fun and whimsy, yet it still makes viewers cry and fall in love. This is why the anniversary is noteworthy. The program has gone from a low budget, black and white serial to a show with a large budget, huge following, and over 20 seasons.

The show is promised to be a parade of beloved characters and boasts a guest appearance by the previous doctor (the 10th doctor) David Tennant. John Hurt will make an appearance as a doctor. The special will also feature Daleks and Zygons, just in case you needed more of a reason to watch. Past fans are bound for a treat as references and foreshadowing comes to fruition.

A pre-show simulcast will begin at 11:30 A.M. and the special event titled “Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor: will follow at 11:50 A.M. The live pre-show will be showing on both BBC America and their youtube channel.