Poetry: “Calendar Across the Atlantic”

January is the newest month


January is the newest month

fresh starts, life and calendar.

Snow fresh on the ground

survived the storm of year past,

memories ring true with every new flake.


Building bridges over trouble waters,

mending broken hands,

beautiful as a sunrise.


Blessing and happiness seen on the horizon

keeps away hurt and suffering.

Children restore snow to life form,

playing with no reserve.


February is the loveliest month


February is the loveliest month

blue hearts and white flowers,

love in its purest form.

Cupid sending flying arrows,

hit, hit, hit,

bulls eye every time.


Young love, young sweet love,

chocolate for the girl, kiss in return,

circle of emotion.

Sunrise and sunsets,

promises of unwavering time.


Swans on the lake

entwined, glossing the surface.

Years together, years apart

mates for life

floating with a sense of eternity.



March is the cruelest month


March is the cruelest month

the lion roars as water falls,

higher and higher the river rises

curse Poseidon!

Wrath of god not deserved.

storms raging, swirling mad,

mountains and valleys alike not safe.


Nomads fill their caves,

abandoning villages to foolish thieves,

stuck with the fate of desolation

they whisper.


Beaten and bruised the land folds

giving way to the cruelty of a powerful master,

Humans and animals alike cannot escape.


When the floods have been satisfied

they retreat,

leaving those who were cunning enough

with nothing but the clothes on their backs.


This is nothing new,

knowing well that this will happen again.

Rebuild and await the surprise,

they must move on.

Fugitives facing the executioner,

a pardon hoped for, never received.



April is the funniest month


April is the funniest month

a fool’s prank pulled on a simpler fool,

laughter and giggles,

smashed eggs and slippery frogs


bunny suits prancing around

like baby giraffes,

buck-toothed smiles, floppy ears

delivering sweets to cheerful children.



May is the most delightful month


May is the most delightful month

April showers bring May flowers

do they not?

Water is soaked, flowers bloom,

a swirl of color appears on the lawn.


Fawns delight in new smells and sounds,

kits search for sweets,

squirrels chase each other round,

yellow, blue, butterflies fill the sky.


May Day, May Day

woven baskets of chocolate and nibbles,

children rush to deliver to

friends, teachers, grandma.

Can’t wipe off the smiles

as they fill others with light.



June is the happiest month


June is the happiest month

even if you are the bridesmaid with 27 dresses.

Weddings in fields,

weddings in churches,

weddings in vineyards,

the atmosphere is breath-taking.


White, blue, pink, red,

rosy cheeks and shining eyes

no one is cheerier.

Chandeliers and faerie lights sparkle,

an atmosphere of dreams.


The band starts a tune,

Charlie and Louis sway with ease.

Floating on the dance floor,

laughter and tears as the night descends.



July is the most festive month


July is the festive month

mosquitos bask in the sun

while cooling in their pools.

Flies dance around the maple tree

in the front yard as children

dance around the sprinklers, enjoy

the refreshment.


Days fill with laughter and friends, games

of bean bag toss and Norwegian golf by the lakeside.

Jet skis flying like supersonic dolphins,

pulling determined skiers with them.


As the sun retires,

the stars blink in and out of sight,

like shy fireflies.

Joining the jewels of the gods are

the jewels of men,

water color paintings canvas the sky.

What a beautiful birthday celebration

for a beautiful girl.



August is the most colorful month


August is the most colorful month

the streets are lined with red and orange trees,

the parks display juxtaposing colors

of olive green and plum.

The oaks seem to move as camouflaged squirrels

scurry to store their acorns.

As the wind coaxes the colors from the weeping willows,

the shades of autumn appear on the footpaths.

They only have a moment’s rest

before they are swept to the ripening fields.


The expanse of wheat glows

in the incandescent colors of the sleepy sun—

one end pale gold, fading into darkness

while the other is covered

dusky tints of maroon and vermillion.



September is the most exciting month


September is the most exciting month

it begins with the first holiday since university started

or it marks the beginning of school.

Reconnecting with friends and acquaintances

is the main objective of the first week.

Sports are in full swing,

the first home football game is coming up

and hopefully by now, the volleyball team

is high on a winning streak.

More excitement and entertainment enter

with the competition for homecoming

king and queen,

the crown achievement of a high school career.

To wrap up the excitement

is the first official day of fall.



October is the spookiest month



October is the spookiest month,

witches and goblins shriek

as they terrorize neighboring villages,

ghosts with bone-chilling moans

peek through locked windows,

the undead released from their dirt cellar,

sleeping spell broken by the wolf’s howl.



I am walking home under a full moon,

a gilded mirror in hand,

a pack of thirteen black cats trot under

a ladder on the parallel sidewalk.

I trip over a crack and drop the mirror.


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

Who is most cursed of them all?



November is the most thankful month



November is the most thankful month

the first fruits of the harvest

show up at the front door.

No need to thank me,

just a friendly gesture.


Through the sickness and famine

we managed to survive.

We were strangers on their land,

a sorry lot that stumbled off

a battered boat.

We didn’t deserve anything.

They could’ve left us to die,

we wouldn’t have blamed them.



Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce,

buttering corn on the cob as we

take turns around the table,

thanking family and technology

for big screen televisions and shopping malls.

Thank God for Black Friday.



December is the frostiest month


December is the frostiest month

snowflakes cover the ground,

the icing on a wedding cake.

Brr, brr, cover your fingers and your nose,

icicles have no preference.


Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich

are a defrosting dream.

The hearth invites like a purring kitten,

the coziness melting away the

swirl of white outside,


but the poor snowman outside

can’t have any soup or hot chocolate,

slowly chipping away from flying snowballs

and curious squirrels.