5 #Finals Hacks to Ease You Through It.



“There’s no use on going over things that you do already know and have a good concept of.”

That’s just one of the finals hacks suggested by student Gavin Ruch. We present to you a few more to get you through until finals

are a distant memory as you lounge on the couch contemplating Christmas…or not.. depending on how you think of the Winter


Either way finals week is just around the corner and to commemorate students are studying, writing essays, and putting

together presentations, some of them working frantically to make up in classes that have lacked their full attention. Twenty-four

hour quiet hours are required in the dorm,also known as dead week, students are able to accomplish all of their tasks to prepare

for finals just before the winter break.

Ruch has finals in his Gender Sexuality and Women Studies, Political Science and

Skeptics House. Although the workload is only twelve credit hours, his Women studies takes up

most of his work time with readings and different concepts to understand.

“Women studies is the most. Lots of reading and very redundant different concepts. Political

science is the easiest all we do is write essays and lecture.” Ruch said. With studying for his

finals, Ruch tries switching up his study habits. “I usually try to switch it up where I study. I’ll

spend three nights in my room then three nights in the third floor study room then a friends

room. Depending on my workload and what I’m doing, I’ll stop with what I’m doing and switch

from women studies to political science to get a breath of fresh air and let my brain to focus on

something else. I focus on what I don’t know.”  When he wants a break from

studying, he occupies himself with other activities. “I like to dance and sing in my dorm and

listen to 60’s psychedelic rock. I’ll read often that which catches my eye, like history books and


Nikole Gomez is taking eighteen credit hours with Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Skeptics

House. Her Biology, Chemistry and Statistics classes have exams that require a lot of studying

and remembering important concepts. “I make note cards of lecture notes and key concepts. I

reread notes and do the study problems that the teacher assigns and not procrastinate.”  As a Pre-Pharmacy major, math and

science classes will be taking up most of her schedule. “I’m not really stressed out when I know what I’m doing and right now and

I know. Stress doesn’t exist at the moment. When I’m stressed, I’ll read or just step away from my

homework. I play video games and talk to my mom and rant to her and tell her all that’s going

on and that usually helps.”

So in summary here are some suggested Finals hacks compiled from conversations with students:

  • Break it up. Once you’ve gone over your notes and begin to feel blurry eyed, take a break.
  • Remember to take time to free your mind through music, recreation or a change of study scene.
  • Spend the most time on subjects your struggle with.
  • Do a simple review of the subjects where you’re solid.
  • Get a study buddy and review with them to make sure you’ve got it.

For some this is their first experience of Finals, for others it’s old hat and you know what’s required. Either way it is important to do your best but there’s no need to torture yourself about it. Chances are you understand your subjects better than you think. If you don’t then there’s always next term. Education is a long game, keep focused on your goals and you’ll be okay.